There's a "Garbage Pail Kids" Topps card set for the 2016 Presidential Race, and it's pretty great


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Wait, what was the second Aleppo gaffe? I know he didn’t know what Aleppo was (he thought it was an acronym) and he also couldn’t name one world leader he admired, but what other Aleppo gaffe was there?


I think he said something along the lines of not being to name a world leader being his second Aleppo gaffe.


He blew it this election. Last go round he didn’t do anything embarrassing and actually had a couple good lines, and got less than 1% of the vote. This time, I don’t hear anything about him unless he’s making an ass out of himself, and this is the election people would actually vote for him!


Is that the price per card? Like 9.99 for ONE card?


Yes. And they’re sold out.


Needs more orange.


Needs a discount. At $10 apiece, those proceeds better be flooding into a Get-Out-The-Vote slush fund.


Clearly, he’s been paying attention to Trump’s campaign.


They said “What’s your favorite dog food?” and he didn’t remember Aleppo.


Oh, anyone dumb enough to spend that kind of money for something so nonessential kinda deserves to get ripped off, IMO.

I can draw it myself for free; and the mango coloring on Douchelini would be way more accurate.


I want some!

However, I am currently financially ruined and underemployed, so I can’t buy them to touch their magnificent tactility…

This is not a cry fro anything, just profit.

Is "tactility"a word? It should be if it isn’t. I am the King of Neologisms I Think I Should Be King Of, It’s Fun. KONITISBKOIF.


They should throw in a Binders Full of Women card, just for that extra piece of retro charm and to remind us of a more innocent time.



So, 3-5?


This is an interesting product.

My first reaction was that $9.99 is a ridiculous price for a sticker that couldn’t cost 50 cents to produce. But they’re only sold over a 24 hour period and I’m sure that drives purchaser urgency a bit, and the shipping is free. Topps is showing the public a total print run for the sold-out stuff, so you know exactly how special a snowflake your new sticker is.

Taking that all into account my second reaction is that this is still a ridiculous price.


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