There's a lot of talk about the fact that Trump has raped his daughter

I know nothing about that myself, but I’m sure that somebody would be looking at that.

I think his blatant and dangerous effort here to spread disinfo about a sitting member of Congress is a new low. And most of us just accept it, because the new lows are now so, so low.

Oh that some brave “journalist” had shot back, “Reagarding the fact the you’ve raped Ivanka, can you comment on that fact, sir?”


I heard it was a putrescent walrus.


This is among the lowest of his schoolyard bully tactics, and also evidence of his cowardice and blatant hypocrisy around libel issues. He’s a first amendment hero, unless someone is saying anything negative about him. He’s gonna strengthen those libel laws, because libeling is so, so bad, but knows exactly how to toe up to the legal line.

This legal bullying game that he honed being a crooked real estate “developer” just happened to line up with the current conspiracy-infected right. His skill is in spreading rumor without being able to be legally pegged with starting is the exact kind of Technically Right pseudo-legalise that the “hyper-rational” conspiracy right loves to trot out in a truth-trolling campaign. God, what a match made in the depths of fucking hell.

What’s the most strange, to me, is that for a political/social cult obsessed with a particularly toxic flavor of masculinity, this kind of rumor-milling is typically coded female. I would think he’d take a hit, but instead it gets re-branded as “string-pulling, button-pushing mastermind.” consistency has never been their strong suit.


Tracking the claims about Ilhan Omar back, I tried reading David Steinberg’s stuff, but it’s like crazy wall in print. It looked like a mess of assertions that were treated as established fact in the next paragraph. Trying to parse it would require a clipboard, whiteboard and a pot of coffee. Not worth the effort.

And I’m used to pulling apart complicated stories.

Meanwhile, it’s all over a web of right sites, alt-right sites and probably a lot of dummy sites.

eta: Will Sommer looked into it:


Yes to this and all you wrote, all of which suggests to me that it’s misguided at best to label him a mere (albeit mendacious) moron. The way he always skirts just along various borders between decency and naked bigotry has demonstrated to me by now that he knows what he’s doing.


Well I think there’s probably a very good reason his mind goes to incest from time to time in so many interviews. And I think he’s clocked more hours as a projector than my Optoma.


I agree, I think there’s a middle ground between genius and fool that I think we have to call “skilled sociopath lack of empathy” The rest of us, to whatever degree have principles. We appreciate that those around us rely on our principles to be at least somewhat consistent in order for trust to exist in the world. By howling about libel - with a fervor that anyone with moral consistency would read as conviction - all while smearing others like a toddler in a monkey cage, Trump violates everything we expect from a moral human. It’s so difficult to keep up with that level of intellectual dishonesty if you aren’t lacking that empathy yourself. I definitely balk at calling it genius, because in many ways it’s orthogonal to intelligence, and I resent people treating that kind of cynicism as a pinnacle of a simple spectrum, but it’s certainly honed and prolific.


Having spent a lot of time in the cult of toxic masculinity… it’s not so much that it’s coded feminine as it’s only checked or socially censured when it’s feminine.


Yes, though it does get circular – since it’s only checked or socially censured when it’s feminine, it also gets coded as feminine. :rage:


Understandable mistake. It was dark, and the witness wasn’t familiar with him.


Plus the child sex trafficking at the ICE detention centers


This article just showed up today. I think it’s relevant.


This is the Republican party now. “Obama’s birth certificate” never went away, everything is plausibly Obama’s birth certificate now. Realistically this has been going on since at least the Clinton administration, only now it’s amplified by cable news and talk radio, and spreads much faster via blogs and Facebook.


Yes. “People say…I’ve heard…I’m hearing…” It’s a rotten cousin to the “Just Asking Questions” phenomenon, i.e. the Socratic sealion defense (“I never asserted that—I’m just asking questions”). He is the troll president.

I worry that big media still has no idea how to handle Trump’s unprecented shamelessness. Just the other day, the New York Times got backlash for answering Trump’s “Go home” tweets with the insipid, cowardly statement, “Democrats called it racist.” The Times then quietly edited its headline story to replace that line with the statement that “go home” has long been considered racist. Gah…


not necessarily - every now and then one of those monkeys banging away at their keyboard does turn out a piece of Shakespeare. Likewise, given enough grifters one of them will - through blind luck and random chance - eventually stumble along the line that sits juuuust this side of libel.

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If you can look at the pictures of a young Ivanka sitting on Trump’s lap without your skin crawling, you’ve got a stronger constitution than me.


“Mr. President, there is a lot of talk that you like to eat steaming hot diarrhea in a bowl like soup, is there any truth to that story?”


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