Theresa May calls UK snap elections for June 8

So Loki would be a… coyote?

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Because Minitrue has been telling the proles for all its worth that we have always been at war with Westeuropa and now we are about to win. The proles sincerely believe that Westeuropa is the cause of their growing poverty, and that Emmanuel Goldstein sometimes appears as Donald Tusk, sometimes as Jeremy Corbyn or, in his multiple aspect, as the Law Lords.
Ah well, in a couple of years we will always have been at war with Hibernia.


If she loses, can’t the successor use that as a mandate for an exit from Brexit? (Exbrexit?)

I think now that Article 50 has been triggered, there’s no way to stay in.

There is, though. It just needs the unanimous consent of the EU members. Which is technically possible if the UK were to ditch may and otherwise generally come to their senses.


They built the trigger without a fail safe?


c&p my comment from elsewhere:

So… you guys face two years of very tough brexit negotiations, unruly Scots as always, and May decided that you need weeks of campaigning, weeks of after-election uncertainty and weeks of the new/old cabinet finding its feet on top of that? Smart move.

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I just don’t get why there would be a popularity spike when, from what I’m reading, it’s been a non-stop series of revelations about how fucked this whole thing is, starting with the Brexiteers in UKIP admitting they lied, the free-fall of the pound, followed by realizations that they’ll never get what they want out of Brexit, the projected mass loss of doctors, nurses, companies - hell, whole industries - no possible replacement in trading partners, etc. Seems like, whatever the rhetoric (which I would assume has been the same since before the vote), it would be a constant decline until it hit the point where it was only the hard-core reality-deniers who still supported it.


But we showed THEM who’s boss! I really think that’s the whole motivation behind it.

Also, less foreigners (even if that’s not true anyway).


Yes, fascist eating coyote.

Get that coyote some Pepto B.

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As Purplecat says, yes, they could technically revoke Article 50 if the EU “forgave” them and allowed the whole thing to go away. But considering that when the UK started saying “heeeyyyy, how about a do-over? A soft Brexit? A semi-Brexit?” the EU said “No. Brexit means Brexit,” and acted like a a spurned spouse. I don’t think there’s any going back.


You think that the 52% of the population which is not entirely joint with but probably overlaps heavily with the sub-100 IQ fraction read that stuff? You have to realise, most of them actually would not be able to understand your post.

Falling pound? No, it’s the same size. Evil Europeans are putting up prices because we are leaving. Loss of NHS staff? When all those immigrants go back there will be enough doctors and nurses. We’ll train our own (in 18 months…)

I’m sorry for the rant but unless you have experienced it you cannot imagine the bottomless ignorance of these people. Half of them I have talked to seem to think that simultaneously (a) the EU is falling apart and (b) it is the new Nazi empire and taking over the entire Continent.

When Churchill said democracy was the least worst system most voters were literate. And nobody imagined for a moment that referendums should set policy; the whole idea of representative government is that as you don’t have time to be a foreign policy expert, you elect a government which you think will make use of one (sarcastic laughter). I need to stop. Today is a new low.


Stick a fork in them, labour are done. The only question is, for how many generations of done are they? Utterly pathetic opposition under corbyn and i wanted him to succeed because we’re heading into the past for a brave, new era of victorian governance.


After all the rhetorics there is no stepping back now - not without massive loss of influence, face and concessions.

I’d do it. I’d be happy to make the UK part of the Shengen zone even if the UK didn’t vote leave.


So… it’s the Trump effect. When he called himself “Mr. Brexit” that always seemed hugely appropriate, but not for any of the reasons he thought.

What do you think the crazy nationalists in Poland want from the UK after their citizens were repeatedly called leeches?

What about Spain? Getting labeled as lazy bums didn’t go down well. And then there is the whole “region wants independence”-catalonia/Scotland-clusterfuck. The Gibraltar issue where the UK threatened War. You get the gist …

German politicians where furious after the whole Nazi, EU-is-fourth-Reich, Merkel=Hitler thing was trotted out the ump-teens time again.

French politicians really loved those threats about making the UK a tax haven if the UKs demands are not met in the upcoming negotiations. /s

There are a few others who are more than miffed …

I don’t think the UK electorate is willing or able to pay the price for an unanimous yes vote by their european partners.


They’ll show those job-stealing fereners!