Theresa May performs the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme

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What’s not to like? I ask you…

Well she’s no Q-Tip or MF Doom, but she’s not bad…

So, wait, are you saying Little Brother is a nasty piece of work, Cory? 'Cause I kinda liked it.

I thought she was better in ‘Blake’s Seven’…


I can’t make out the words, but since I’m not English, they might not make sense to me anyway.

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Time will tell.

On the plus side, richard littler of scarfolk fame now has plenty of material to work with…


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♫…don’t do anything I wouldn’t condone
except a dance named after a villainous crone

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“Yer no Doom.” —Zorak

I prefer the remix that features David Cameron’s free-styling.

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