These are the top ten baby names in the US


There were far fewer names available historically. Henry VIII married three Catherines, two Annes, and a Jane. And a century ago, a greater majority of Americans were of British or Northern European background, and it was customary to name infants after an older family member.


Look at yourself as a trend-setter! :slight_smile:


Hello Nurse!

But I was making a Newhart reference.


I’m talking about even 100-50 years ago.


Did you really just 80’sSplain to me, dude?


I know precisely where "I'm Larry, This is My Brother Daryl, and This is My Other Brother Daryl" comes from! (Yes, we are relatively around the same generation, you may have me by a few years, at most.)

I know Newhart is the only other instance in US pop culture, aside from the Wizard of Oz, that the “it was all just a dream!” ending is acceptable as a conclusion.


I’m waiting for Mildred and Deidre to make it big.


I know what you mean. We named our 3 year old Louis and I was happy that Prince George had Louis as a middle name thus meaning any future royal son would likely not be called this. I was so disappointed. At least people might learn how to spell / pronounce it now. I guess we’ll be able to get merchandise with his name on it soon (haven’t been able to before). Now my name, I’ve only seen two things with my name on it, and one is a plate from the lost city of Petra in Jordan (it’s Petra if you didn’t guess).



Ok ok, not everyone was a Newhart fan! My dad was, though, and with only 1 TV, so was I… but I didn’t think it was that popular of a show and not sure one knew of that bit. :wink:


My Gram was deep into Newhart, and growing up, she ruled the tv.

The only show I wouldn’t/couldn’t bear to watch with her was M.A.S.H. and that’s because the Korean War as a dramedy was too dreadfully boring to a kid.


I remember liking Radar because he had a teddy bear…


What about Sargon, Hammurabi, and Ashurbanipal?


My daughter’s babysitter sharer born in 2002 was Adele.

My son’s middle name, after my grandfather. Couldn’t sell it as the first name. My wife regrets she also rejected my grandmother’s name Rose for our daughter, at the time all she could associate it with was Caillou’s little sister (my son was 3 when she was born, Caillou watching age. Is it still on?).

We were pretty obsessed with not giving our kids names that might be tease fodder. I said no to Israeli names. Little did we know in our multicultural city that while kids will always be kids, name teasing is off limits when everyone has some ‘strange sounding to others’ Indian, Chinese, Central Asian or African-American name.

Friends looking for something different ended up with the crowd naming their son Cooper. Shoulda gone with my suggestion: Bogart. Now THERE’S a handle!

I’ve never understood why certain biblical names are popular, even obscure ones, and other aren’t. Jews bless their boys on Sabbath telling them to be like Ephraim and Menashe. Have you ever met a person named either?


I wonder if it cycles every other generation for women? My name (Robert) was the top male name through the 20s and 30s. Then it’s had little surges of popularity every succeeding generation since, probably when those Roberts had the nerve to name their sons after themselves. Would it be reasonable to think that women would prefer to name daughters after their mothers instead of after themselves?


Middle names, “Hound of Dracula”?

@Urbanacus “We were pretty obsessed with not giving our kids names that might be tease fodder.”

@Neovison.vison, I tried my name on the Baby Name Voyager and got the result, “No names EUAN ranked in the top 1,000 in any time period”. What, not even in the future after I become the saviour of mankind?




years ago i met a rent-a-car agent named Ulysses Saxon, who, when i told him i thought his name was totally awesome, said, oh yeah, his twin brother’s name was Odysseus

i renamed my Echo to Amazon, so now i can name my cat Alexa, or something - actually did it to remind myself that a giant corporation is constantly monitoring the conversation in our kitchen, waiting with machine patience for a chance to send over a Barbie Dream House

quadruplets: Ichabod - Ichabob - Ichadob - Ichadod


I once came across the most badass name EVER; Kurt Luger!


actually, came here for this… was disappointed


Here are all the names from the top 1000 that are used as both male and female names:

Name Male rank Female rank
Alexis 396 144
Amari 275 423
Angel 71 350
Ari 402 801
Ariel 486 142
Armani 509 664
Avery 181 14
Azariah 798 826
Blake 150 268
Briar 880 718
Cameron 60 535
Carter 24 520
Casey 524 916
Charlie 214 154
Dakota 344 233
Dallas 260 577
Dylan 29 353
Eden 491 139
Elliot 161 609
Elliott 160 533
Ellis 312 737
Emerson 276 150
Emery 772 115
Emory 807 635
Finley 279 159
Frankie 898 844
Harley 650 202
Harper 800 11
Hayden 174 231
Hunter 53 740
Jamie 768 615
Jayden 26 933
Jessie 963 657
Jordan 73 356
Justice 563 500
Kai 127 804
Kamryn 899 403
Karter 173 784
Kendall 864 225
Landry 848 792
Leighton 904 467
Lennon 667 445
Lennox 408 665
Logan 5 292
London 819 151
Lyric 941 307
Marley 948 209
Micah 107 982
Milan 463 739
Morgan 685 152
Nova 918 95
Oakley 479 474
Parker 90 206
Payton 794 189
Peyton 340 89
Phoenix 268 363
Quinn 369 76
Reagan 970 98
Reese 688 171
Reign 961 704
Remington 247 419
Remy 449 605
Riley 253 25
River 201 274
Rory 379 565
Rowan 140 212
Royal 508 694
Ryan 43 410
Rylan 287 797
Sage 472 309
Sawyer 95 224
Shiloh 815 582
Skylar 808 47
Skyler 466 383
Spencer 292 975
Sutton 809 602
Tatum 598 443
Taylor 506 112
Zion 199 928