These silicone putty earplugs are the best

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Or, if you want twelve of them, buy two six packs for $8 instead. I haven’t used this particular brand before, but silicone is the best if you’re trying to keep water out of your ears.


Silicone earplugs are also sold at walgreens and cvs for like $6- $8; just sayin’.


The 6 pair pack is <$4, so get 18 for less that 12.

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A tube of silicone caulk is like $5 and you can seal dozens and dozens of ears with just one tube.


The important thing is that you can buy it via an Amazon affiliate link:


Ew - I used to find these in the pool as kid…

I have stayed at hotels and wanted earplugs, but the ones I use for shooting work fine for me. The soft squishy kind. But hey - what ever works for you!


Ah - the bulk method. Smart. Smart.

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Well, it was stephen_schenck’s suggestion. The best thing is you only need to use it once:

“Permanently flexible to keep gaps sealed, shrink-proof and crack-proof”


Mack’s are great for keeping water out of the ears while swimming. I find that the soft foamy ones block out snoring better.

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I’ve also found them useful when I use an air blower or an angle grinder.

You’re a lot more aggressive with ear wax than I.


After once living next door to an obnoxious drug dealer, I too recommend silicone ear plugs.


Caulk tends to dry out in the tube unfortunately. :slight_smile:

I prefer reusable ear plugs. I’ve been using the same pair for years now. I don’t take them swimming however.

I use the ones that look like this (actual brand may vary):

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I have narrow ear canals, so most earplugs don’t work for me. I also have sensitive hearing. I’ve used these ones for years while attending music concerts and they work very well for protecting my hearing. I just resigned myself to looking a little dorky.


The silicone ones are reusable, just not infinitely reusable.


Yes they are. Been using Mack’s for 20 years now. Wish I didn’t have to, but oh well

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Mark explicitly said they don’t fit his ears.

Last time I went shooting we forgot cans. Using only the foam plugs which also don’t fit my ears, I ended up with 2 months of tinnitus and left a concert I went to sounding awful and uncomfortable.

I also can’t use apple style hard ear buds, they just fall out. These sort of things tend to be like one size fits all items, if you aren’t somewhere in the middle they don’t fit at all.

I’ve got a question for you though. Do you know if those frequency filtering type ear plugs like musicians use are safe for shooting? The sort that block hearing damaging frequencies and bring the noise floor down but leave you able to hear shit like people speaking.

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Well that’s why I said, “But hey - what ever works for you!”

Though which kind of foam ones? My dad still uses these old ones that are cylindrical in shape and more foam like. The ones I use are more pointy. I used to get an MRI every year and they let me grab a handful of what they had each time, so I have a stash of colorful squishy ones.

Evidently what you DON’T want to use are those black and yellow ones used in the military, as FB keeps letting me know there is a massive class action law suit on them.

I don’t like those apple ones a lot either. I mean, I use them, but they don’t stay in as well as the ones with those silicone cups. But I happen to have a set I use at work.

I would double check with the manufacture. If they are blocking the harmful sound of the speakers and throb of the bass and stuff, then I don’t see why not. I would think if it blocked loud sounds it wouldn’t matter the source.

I mean, I have EAR MUFFS like that, they block loud sounds and electronically amplify quiet ones. Everything sounds like an action move because just walking on gravel or opening a door you ear all the crunches and clicks and clacks. I know they make smaller devices that fit in your ear, but I don’t have experience with them.

Personally I double up and use both soft plugs and ear muffs because ironically I don’t like loud noises.

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Pretty much any kind, though my uncle stocks the pointy ones. Tend not to stay in the right ear, and not block sound in the left. I typically stick to doubling up, hearing loss runs in the family. But its kind of not great for knowing what the fuck is going on around you.

The apple buds I can only use if I physically hold them in place, and the speaker portion tends not to line up with my ear holes. And with other earbuds I generally have to use 2 different sizes of rubber inserts, and they are often not the sizes that come pre-packaged. ITS FUN.

I typically use over ears.

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I keep reading this as “Silly Putty”