They will "torch the Constitution" — Liz Cheney says defeating GOP in 2024 is key to saving democracy

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If only there had been some way to not let disrespect for the constitution get to this point, Cheney. :unamused:


She should run as an Independent conservative.

Stressing the conservative part as she would pull Biden votes he can’t afford to lose.


This is all obvious to us, of course. But maybe hearing it from a member of one of the GOP’s most cynical and greedy families will sway some Republican voters (for whom cynical and greedy are virtues).


If the the party is a mirror of it’s constituency, she’s 100% correct.


She’s said she wouldn’t do that unless she was certain it would help defeat [expletive deleted], and so far she hasn’t made any serious moves to do it. In fact, she’s come out and said voting third-party is a bad move that will not help defeat him.


If I was her - I’d be really hesitant to throw my name into the mix given the metric shit-tons of problems it would add to her life.

I would also wait until the last minute possible to avoid prolonged exposure to said shit-tons.

Note - I’m not sure which is larger - metric or imperial shit-tons…

I really don’t give a shit if it causes her problems. I care if it gives us problems, which it would because it would be more likely to help Trump. I know centrist Democratic voters who think she’s amazing because of what she’s done since Jan 6, and have told me they would vote for her over Biden if she ran because “Biden is too old and he’s a leftist.” That’s completely bonkers, but that’s what a lot of centrist voters think.


her daddy should be in jail

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Imperial for sure

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