They're making a Twits ale from Roald Dahl's body-yeast


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What next, make book covers from the Budweiser horses?


I love Roald Dahl, but not that much.


I like beer and Roald Dahl, but I’m right there with ya.


Wouldn’t making some sort of leavened chocolate confection make more sense?


You might want to skip the Everlasting Gobstoppers.


Covers, glue, parchment…I’m sure there’s some part we could turn into ink.


Surely this has been done before? You’d expect it to be a thriving business by now. Celebrity Yeast Collections.


Well I have to say I’m grateful. Last year, somebody was baking with vaginal yeast. I found that disgusting, and therefore am misogynist. At last there is a disgusting male yeast product, so I can be even-handedly disgusted without the taint of sexism.


Seems in poor taste.


He was quite the cultured fellow.


Roald Dahl did not like the one film made during his lifetime and did not want anymore made. Once he has passed the rights to all his wonderful books were sold and the films began to be made. Once again his heirs have come up with another way to make money.


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and i thought the cat-poop-coffee beer was awesome if expensive


It could be worse. It could be vaginal yeast


Well that’s a bucket of brewed nope.


Unlikely this is much more than marketing. To get a drinkable beer, they are still going to primarily use a traditional brewers yeast. If they did culture yeast from a chair and insert a small amount into a standard brew, it would likely have a low alcohol tolerance and would die quickly during fermentation.

My guess anyhoo


One of Dahl’s lesser-known works concerns a celebrity sperm collection.


honestly i don’t know if this represents better or worse than vaginal yeast. has anyone here tried a malt beverage started with such a yeast?