Thin-skinned Iowa lawmaker hangs up the phone on reporter who asked about his "anti-coddling" bill


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Why are those who bellyache about safe spaces the ones most likely to retreat to them when they get any kind of pushback?


Especially when that agenda is an impartial reporting of the facts.


Wolfowitz and the other neocons: "We decide what is reality."
Trump et al: “We are post-reality”.
What next?


I am curious, what the fuck would this law actually look like? Would it apply to all colleges, or only state run colleges? What about private colleges? What exactly constitutes as coddling vs say some fun student event?


I don’t speak to politicians who don’t know that agenda is a plural noun. I know I am one of those élitists, but “an agenda” makes my teeth grate.


There are universities that allow comfort animals that can be quite unusual and so the fuck what if they do.


why is there no link to the original article in this story?


As It Happens is a radio news magazine program, so I’m guessing there is no associated article.


[quote=“doctorow, post:1, topic:89674”]
I’m not ready to point fingers on specifics but I think we’ve all seen the reports across the entire country.[/quote]
Just because you think it doesn’t make it true.

Even if it is true, though, Kaufmann is complaining about therapy and counseling services colleges universities already routinely offer in all kinds of situations. Many colleges and universities offer therapy dogs and other forms of stress relief during exams.

Some people are disappointed and some are justifiably concerned.

If universities and colleges are trying to counter that why is it a problem?


To be fair, common usage of agenda has turned it into a collective singular noun. Nobody uses the Latin singular agendum unless they’re writing an academic paper and/or otherwise are being pedantic.


Did you collect a datum on this?


And don’t get me started on politicians who think that a hot dog is a sandwich.


Man, the place where I teach won’t even authorize the funding for a therapy goat. Stupid education funding cutbacks.


It can’t go anywhere anyway because you’d have to repeal Title IX at the federal level first. Title IX requires counseling resources to be made available to students and requires schools not to discriminate against LGBTQ individuals in the provision of services.


Shhh! Don’t remind them that there’s yet another law to repeal.


If you could be bothered to review my posting history, you would see that “being fair” does not fit into my world view.

No problem, just say it’s a Baphomet goat and apply for funding from the theology department.


(One of the nice things about As It Happens is they usually provide at least a summary & partial transcript online for their interviews.)


The War On Reality


“I don’t speak to media outlets with an agenda.”

That’s the excuse they’re going to use to attack press freedoms in coming years. They’re not against journalism or free speech; they’re standing up to the “liberal media.”