Things I miss: my Evel Knievel stunt cycle

Remember that time Evel Knievel escaped from Skull Canyon and Bigfoot?

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My understanding was that g-forces caused him to black out. He had a “dead-man” control in the rocket that cut power once he was unconscious. He was uninjured, though.

That toy motorcycle and the bike launcher were not cheap AT ALL. Only the kids from well-off homes had them.

Which left odd dynamic of well off boys rooting FOR Evil to be successful… and everyone else rooting for him to wreck

Evil’s Snake River early release made all us poor kids year.

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See? Practical Effects! :wink:

Thankyou for reminding me of this :slight_smile:

One of the most vivid memories of my childhood!

Holy shit that’s homosexual

If these had been available in my childhood I would have demanded all of the outfits, even though bigs Jack and Josh would have spent their whole time naked as they endlessly hit the showers, applied lotion to each other, skinny dipped, and (by the time I hit 10 or 11) just plain old fucked.


I still think about these things often. It was also one of my favorites. My brother and I had and wore the hell out several of the stunt cycles as well as the stunt choppers over the years they were made.

One thing we were stupid thrilled to discover was that if you take one of the plastic ramps that come with the stunt cycle, turn it upside down, and place a right-side-up ramp on top so that the tall ends were kind of hooked together (creating a steeper ramp), Evel does a back flip and rides away.

Way good times.


I smell great crossover potential.

What could possibly go wrong?


For the same reason as C3PO


Not so sure about C3PO:

On the other hand I’m having trouble finding Micronauts evidence. It wasn’t just Biotron, was it?

Kind of difficult to see in these pictures, but them there are cloven cheeks.


I had this toy. My sister had the veraion marketed to girls Derry Daring.


that needs a pic!

eta hey wow other than the pink outfit the figure accessories are pretty awesome


Loved my Evil Knievil stuff, but there was one i loved more. I’ve never met anyone who’s even heard of it. Behold, The Hal Needham Stuntman Set


It’s all in the name. Bio tron must poop!

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Here’s the real scramble van. Recently restored.


The commercial often plays in my head.


I saved up for this one:

Mom wouldn’t let me play with it in the house for banging into stuff, and I lived on a crushed-shell road. Life’s a fucking disappointment sometimes.


This was a very fun toy. Eventually, you would wear out the gears. Also it encouraged me to do extremely dumb stuff on my bicycle when I got older. :smiley:

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The music is this:

It’s library music, but it sounds to me like a big ripoff of Vehicle by Ides of March. I’m sure I remember Vehicle being used in an SST dragster commercial (apparently the SST cars came out first, then the SSP).


Some of us are not not turning 50 lately.