This band used Facebook Live's lag to loop their song

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This made me think of OK Go too but I think that the performance here is better because it’s part of the music. There’s something about an OK Go video that makes the music seem secondary that you don’t get here.

There’s this slow build that seems like they’re going to play it safe and simple until the lead vocals kick in and the complexity of the layering becomes apparent.


Fantastic idea, fantastically executed. Reminds me a lot of Michel Gondry’s style.

But, questions:

  1. How did they prevent the previously recorded audio from playing over itself in each subsequent layer and creating a cacophonous mess?

  2. How did they account for the inevitable milliseconds of lag that would occur by the time they got to loop four or five? Hard to believe that it wouldn’t have mucked things up by that point.

  3. While there are definitely people smart enough to figure out the logistics involved with this on their own, the cynic in me can’t help but think that some entity bigger than the band (e.g., Facebook) approached them with this idea and helped them execute it as if it were their own.

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Saw this yesterday and whilst I didn’t care for the song it’s seriously impressive.

They didn’t - that’s the whole point.

You may be right, and I was wondering how they managed it too, but it’s probably just practice and experimentation. Record the individual components and loop them, play around with the order then get the timing right. Or something.


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Fine you lazy bum :stuck_out_tongue:

From the good old days of proto-Twitch


Regarding your first question:

Given the professional quality of the recording here, I’d say they had some very expensive and sophisticated equipment recording the loops. This means they could create each loop using what’s called a Mix Minus setup. This is where they only send the audio signal from the current loop to FB Live, which gets layered in with the prior loops, but the overall combined signal is what we hear.


That plus, yknow, loads of talent and hard work. People really do think it’s money for nothing and chicks for free.

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You could listen to this whilst sitting in a room


Insanely cool.

Lots of good info on Wikipedia about it, including links to excellent music. Enjoy!

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To this day I thought that was “checks for free.” Thank you.

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Can you help me moving a refrigerator and a colour TV?

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Reminds me of the Omelette Sandwich track recorded for Homestuck, though of course that didn’t use any delay shenanigans…

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