This discussion concerns the Republican "debate" happening tonight

Happily, I did not. I’ve had to deal with urinals and shitcans in the past, and I think those experiences delimited my gag-reflex boundaries well enough that I know when to step away for fresh air. But, wow, that was terrible.

Bingo. We had probably two days of rain AND, for whatever reason, I took a bath instead of a shower. The sump pump dropping water into the sewer pipe combined with an already deficient line (the neighbor’s tree has grown roots into the line) and weekend visitors probably using a great deal more toilet paper than I do created the perfect storm.

Replacing the house’s main sewer line out to the main on the street is something I’ll have to do, and likely myself, given the quotes I’ve received from local plumbers (~5k +/-???). This weekend’s project will entail figuring out where the line is and what sort of project it will become to fix the issue, other than using a drain snake.

All of which is to say that I dealt with shit two times that night, but one set came from people’s mouths instead of my toilet.


Have you had a video inspection of your service line? Or are the contractors you got quotes from just assuming because there’s a tree out there? Then again, if your house was part of a large-scale subdivision built in the 50’s or 60’s, you may have an orangeburg lead which is bad and needs to be replaced something like 20 years ago.

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From BBC coverage of the debate:

[Trump’s] hardline proposal was attacked as impractical and divisive by John Kasich and Jeb Bush, who are also running for the Republican presidential nomination.

Jeb Bush, also running for Republican nomination.


And something I understood in my gut, if not outright, was when that fuckwad racist xenophobe douche Trump talked about Eisenhower’s “Operation Wetback” (although he did not have the stones to say the gov’t’s name for the operation to the audience).

“Let me just tell you that Dwight Eisenhower. Good president. Great president. People liked him. I liked him. I Like Ike, right? The expression, ‘I like Ike.’ Moved 1.5 million illegal immigrants out of this country. Moved them just beyond the border, they came back. Moved them again beyond the border, they came back. Didn’t like it. Moved ‘em waaaay south, they never came back. Dwight Eisenhower. You don’t get nicer, you don’t get friendlier. They moved 1.5 million people out. We have no choice. We. Have. No. Choice.”

Some in the audience cheered at the “moved 'em waay down south” line, har har you sorry fucking bastards. Until that time I was happily ignorant of Eisenhower’s operation, and it’s beyond the pale to suggest that, hey, that 1.5 mil? That was nothing! We’ll kick 11 million teachers, firemen, construction workers, librarians, whateverthefuck out of the country and everything will be A-okay with that. Just astonishing.

I’d prefer to think that Trump has been playing the joker this whole time because he never meant to go this far with the “candidacy”, and invoking Eisenhower’s operation as a roadmap for future plans is just an easy way for him to drop out. But he’s said he’s a candidate, and he’s not retracted his statement, so I have to assume he’s the racist xenophobe scumbag we all thought he was from the start.

I mean…the mind fucken boggles that a rational human being would suggest such a thing today, and even worse, that only Kasich/Jebby called him out on it. For fuck’s sake, Cruz and Rubio both have roots in Central/South America, and neither one of them said jack shit. Simply appalling.

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Yeah, I had never heard of it, so thanks, Trump, for enlightening me to yet another travesty in American history. The most incredible part of all is Trump insisting that the program worked. It was halted because it didn’t work. Yes, the picked people up, took them into custody without letting them recover their belongings or even contact their families, and dropped them off in parts of Mexico they’d never been to - including in some cases in the middle of the desert to die. But the farmers along the border just kept hiring illegal Mexican workers anyway, and so did everybody wasn’t really making a difference at all in terms of number of illegal workers.

They didn’t come back, Donald? Then where did the 11 million people you are going to deport come from?

It’s racism for racism’s sake, because racism gets the voter base out.


And his willful ignorance in suggesting that the US will get Mexico to pay for “the wall”, much less destroying the lives of 11 million people…it’s shameful. And his line, “You don’t get nicer, you don’t get friendlier”, I just don’t even know where to begin.


The shitshow that currently suffices as immigration law was sponsored by the son of middle eastern immigrants. I don’t think it’s self-loathing at play, I think it’s a whole lot of “fuck you, I got mine.”


Ladder pulling-up?

I really, really hope Cruz gets the nomination. He’s unelectable.


Aren’t they all unelectable at this point?

My gauge is all the Fox News worshipers in my life: they have been noticeably silent about the entire subject. They’re starting to realize they’re driving down a dead-end street, but they don’t know how to navigate back to the main road again.


One of my favorite parts of the night was watching Cruz do his debate-leader-pause-for-applause…which never came. Audience was kinda like…umm…uh…nope.

As for Rubio, back during the Hobby Lobby debacle I sent him a letter denouncing his support for religious exemptions in the ACA, and I got back a disjointed, half-page reply that didn’t impress me in the least.

Well, to be fair, clown cars are not known for their maneuverability.


I soooo hope you’re right.


I was reading something yesterday about how none of the big money donors are throwing cash at the more mainstream candidates because there’s still too many, and while they hang around, Trump and Carson keep hanging around, not imploding.

I think the leadership of the GOP is slowly realizing that a lot of its membership actually really likes what Trump says and there’s not a lot they can do about it.


This is the article I was talking about.

Seriously - some of them want Romney drafted…


Just yesterday on Twitter I happened to see a comment bemoaning Trump/Carson that also made the call for Romney to come out of whatever the hell super-rich Mormons do in November (protest the baby-blood Starbucks cups, I guess?).

From the article

Recent focus groups of Trump supporters in Iowa and New Hampshire commissioned by rival campaigns revealed no silver bullet.

Yeah, these Republicans are finally understanding what it’s like to try to argue with Republicans. When you go on a war against evidence, it puts you at a bit of a loss when the anti-reason masses turn against you.


“I’m very worried that the Republican-base voter is more motivated by anger, distrust of D.C. and politicians and will throw away the opportunity to nominate a candidate with proven experience that can win.”

Yeah, no shit that’s what motivates them. That’s what the elite have been motivating them with for decades. That’s the party line. The fact that it has come around to bite them is comically predictable. How long can you tell people to hate politicians before it dawns on them that you are a politician.

I’ve long been comparing the Republicans to a cult that is realizing that their leader is a scam artist and not a true believer. What happens in such cults, though, it not the followers walking away disillusioned, it’s them offing the leader so that a true believer lieutenant can take over. That’s Trump, that’s Carson.


Beat me to the punch–I was grabbing exactly that chunk to say the same thing. They’re getting precisely what their toxic rhetoric has been asking for all this time.

I like that comparison @anon50609448, regarding the cultishness of the GOP. But I can’t, for the life of me, understand how a Trump/Carson supporter can see how either person could actually accomplish anything they’ve said they’ll do in office. Carson wants to weed out “political bias” in higher education…WTF? Trump’s got his rapists and Mexico-built wall and his new deportation force…??? Beyond that, Cruz…well he just wants to burn the whole place down and start fresh with his angelic chorus of fecal-matter-wearing gay marriage detractors/whiny babies. Which is to say that the “GOP as cult” looks even stronger to me than before (e.g. Trump will make America great simply by virtue of his own greatness).

Even though it appears to me that the GOP runs on emotional support instead of rational support, I remain amazed that anyone sees these idiots as being POTUS material.


I’m not sure how that cult leader is going to call the aliens to come and pick everybody up, either, but it’s not really mine to see. I think there are a lot of Republicans who are currently thinking, “Wow, we need to save our party from these maniacs.” They simply don’t get that their party is those maniacs. In Canada’s recent election the Conservatives went hard on racism to some positive effect for their poll numbers but the numbers waned pretty quick. In post mortems we learn that they had already decided they couldn’t win the election and decided to secure the base to prevent a massive collapse (a bit of Canadian election history, our late Progressive Conservative party went from 156 seats to 2 in 1993).

Our now ex-Conservative leader, monster that he is, recognized that fundamentally his party is about racism. Not necessarily racism, but about fear - racism being an easy to sell manifestation of that. I could see lots of columns popping up in right-wing newspapers by somewhat reasonable people essentially expressing horror about this tactic - that’s not what the Conservative party is about! But it’s exactly what it’s about.


When can we give Nixon the credit he deserves for killing the Republican Party with his Southern Strategy?

Truly a great man.

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And, in the cult context, the followers don’t have to know how they’ll do it and probably don’t want to exercise the oh-so-small set of brain cells to consider it, which is why they’re in the cult in the first place.

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