This DIY pixelstick lets you make amazing in-camera effects

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A Dewalt Planer Thicknesser! Why can’t I have one of these?

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I remember some sort of toy from the late 80s with red leds that you could program to display words while waving it back and forth, it worked using the persistence of vision effect.


Even easier…

You can buy them too, but where’s the fun in that?

Anyway the principle is the same. You just need led strip(s) and to program the controller to determine where they’ll be in space at a given time so they light up in the right order. The fans or motorized strips are easier than the pixelstrick because the rate of spin or occilation is much more predictable, whereas I assume that when programming the pixelstrick you have to input the rate you’re going to draw it through the air in front of your camera.

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