This fan looks amazing in your home and could save you hundreds in AC costs later this year

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Save hundreds off your air conditioning cost by spending hundreds on this fan!!!


My local Hema has an endless supply of box fans for €18, I’m just sayin’.


This fan looks amazing in your home

How do you know how it looks in my home? :thinking:

DAMNIT! Why did I buy that Amazon Ring camera?!


Amazing. Those fans used to be 40 bucks or so for use on the factory floor at foundries or other shops like. It’s basically a stock fan mounted on a tripod. I hope the extra cost means it’s extra quite. Because the original modes where noisy.

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Damn! For ~$360 I could buy 3 window air cons and be much more comfortable than with one lousy fan. And if I have ~$360 to drop on a fan, electric or a/c bills are probably not high on my list or worries. Reality much, BB Shop?

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Or just buy one or two air conditioners, and use the extra $200 to pay for your extra electrical bill charges.

If this fan was under say $100 I might be interested, but this price is higher than any of the ceiling fans I have.

You could build one for 1/10 the price from what you found at the hardware store. (1)

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