This fellow figured out how to get free hamburgers at McDonalds

FYI, In Australia, Maccas is McDonald’s. They like to shorten things up down under.

I won’t blame you for not believing this, but last night I had a dream (actually something of a nightmare) about being back at school and having to derive CoM eq.



Reminds me of a professor I had who answered the question, “can we have a formula sheet for the exam?” with “Here it is - you can derive every formula you need from this”.

One formula was on it … F=(m)*(dv/dt)


In freshman year Statics & Dynamics, our prof (always enthusiastic) asked our class to consider what F=ma meant (with a capital M). He wanted us to ponder its profundity – the meat of it. He asked, “What… does… this… *mean?*” Impetuously, I yelled out, “Fma!” (rhymes with Phmah). For most of that semester, he would refer to F=ma as Fma. The prof was cool. It all became a running joke for our class year.

PS: My first job interview was with P&W in Connecticut. As I later learned, making the interview rounds from one department to the next was near the norm, and that’s what happened there. At one stop, the department engineer/manager asked me to derive F=ma. Given the Phma episode, the derivation “test” (which, frankly, was a bit insulting) was like asking me to breath.

PS: Your prof’s answer sounds so, so familiar to me!

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Personally I’ve been learning poker since human stupidity is a replenishable resource.

(Fun fact: Nixon used the money he made playing a tight poker game in the navy to bankroll his first electoral run)

But in all seriousness, live poker is looser than online and imho a viable side job for a cyberpunk retiree

Back when I was a vegetarian, I’d sometimes go and get a cheeseburger sans meat, and they’d call it a “veggie burger”. It was pretty good, but I admit that the beef has enough char that it adds a lot to the classic McD’s burger flavor.

The best fast food no-patty burger is definitely the In-N-Out grilled cheese animal style.

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Weird. All these people asking why would you do this? I would have expected a higher engineer fraction in BoingBoing.

If you can get discounts for leaving stuff out, then you must wonder whether you can make things cheaper by building then in an unorthodox way. Then you try and get something for free. Then you try and make a regular menu item for free. Then you have to order the burger to see whether the theory checks out. And you end up with a stupid smile on your face, and a burger you may not even want. That or failure are the only options.

Talent does what it can; genius does what it must.


This is business, rules of logic and laws of nature do not apply.

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That was no fellow, that was a gentleman.

So if he hadn’t have added the regular burger at the end, he’d have made a profit, right?

Deriving formulas is valuable in school; but the value comes from learning how to think, and especially how to think logically. The best educations are essentially “meta”, in the sense that (usually) very little of the actual knowledge/facts that one learns aren’t really used (again, usually) in one’s work life. The value comes from meta-lessons one learns.

In this case, however, it worked out well for you! (insert thumbs up emoji here)



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Yep, 100%… and just knowing that formulas didn’t just come out of this air.

We used to work with this one fellow who, when working out problems on paper, would ALWAYS derive the needed formulas from scratch. Said he, “I can never remember this stuff, but I know how to get there.” (Personally, I think he just wanted to stay in practice.)

Pretty sure the burger is insurance against the POS system having a safeguard against negative totals.


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