This guy's poor dog really hates it when his owner blows raspberries


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I was taught to call it a bilabial fricative. Also, hooray for cruelty!


Same here! At first I though this was about fruit.


lol! That’s actually how I taught my dog not to try to lick my face. The raspberries seem to scare her away for some reason.


but the raspberries don’t seem to be complaining!


We used to gently blow in our cat’s face, and he’d tolerate it for about 5 minutes and then smack you with his paw.


With claws too? Show us a video? :stuck_out_tongue:


No, my mom declawed him, poor thing. And this was way back in the day, when the first home VCR’s came out. Sorry, no vids.


My Boss does “fart” noises with his mouth when he is disappointed with someone’s work, so I know how the dog feels.


One of my cats hates whistling. If I whistle, particularly if I whistle high notes, she gets really annoyed and yells at me. If she can, she will climb up to my face and start bopping my mouth with her paw. No claws, she never uses her claws on her humans. She does have a pretty harsh right hook though.


This is a very poorly trained dog and the owner is only making it worse. Dogs should never be nipping at people’s lips and faces. The dog will likely do that same cute thing but to a child, with teeth bared, and rip the child’s face open. It’s not good. I just cringed when I saw this video.


Is that a white schnauzer? Albino? I’ve gotta know. It’s a beautiful dog!!!


About half of our cats go nuts when I whistle.


Is it hard to pin it down at numbers that high?



some of the cats are in a like/dislike superposition


Hey, I do that too but I am not a boss. :stuck_out_tongue:


Videos? :stuck_out_tongue:


Strangely, no videos. We might have to fix that tonight…


I had a cat that would go bonkers when I blew across the top of a bottle. Not sure what that was about.