This highly unusual elephant peels a banana before eating it (video)

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Also my misreading misinterpreted by mid journey:

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if you’d just use your proud opposable thumbs and peel their bananas for them they’ll never forget you and help you open your coconuts (“You’re kinda missing the point here”)

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As the oldest of over 1/2 dozen we call this game “Grab & Growl While the Gettings Good”

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What a very Clevephant! :heart_eyes::elephant:

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That’s one Epicurean Elephant! He knows what he wants.


Why is it unusual? I do the same thing.

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But…the peel is the best part

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This proves the existence of God


Very impressive. But the different behaviors are also pretty easily explained. The only reason she can peel the bananas is because the skin is loose and falls apart easily. The peels of the green/yellow bananas would never come off that way, so she just eats them. And anyway who likes a brown banana?

And at feeding time, she eats all except the last one whole because she’s greedy. I would wager that if there were a whole bunch (no pun intended) of bananas on the ground and she was on her own, she’d peel each one. It’s interesting, though, how she seems to fake eating the last one and “palms” it in her trunk so none of the others will try to steal it from her.

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