This Is Fine

But, Joe Biden is not very exciting! See, he’s just as bad!! Both sides are bad! No difference at all! (/s)

I can only hope no one is gonna try to bothsides this one. The fascists are fascists! They are telling us this! We need to believe them. They need to be voted out of any and all posts, from President to Congress to alderman or dogcatcher. Is it a “lesser evil” strategy? Yeah, maybe so. But, considering the nature of the “greater evil,” I am of the opinion that this is absolutely necessary. Taking the position that “it doesn’t matter who you vote for” is an incredibly privileged position. Yes, if you are a straight, cis, white, Christian male, it probably will not affect you directly. If you are anything else, or have friends or family who are anything else, you are directly under fire. At the very least, get registered and vote. Next, get involved with your community, get involved with your local politicians, apply pressure to move them to as progressive an outlook as you can. And this will take time, and move slowly. But it will move. It has to. Let’s get to it.