This is the world's most inconvenient convenience store

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I’ve seen worse, but that one is close.


i went to an Inconvenience Store at burning man in 2019, but it wasn’t like this at all. first, you had to wait forever before the “employee” actually asked you if you had been helped, and then no matter what you asked for, even if you could see it on the shelf behind them at the counter, they were out of it. it was hilarious.


Ethiopians… “hold my tej!”


The Simpsons did it first: The Simpsons Season 5 Episode 13

Apu: (Near the top of a mountain) There she is! The world’s first convenience store!
Homer: This isn’t very convenient.
Apu: Must you dump on everything we do?


i’m guessing after you left you said, “well THAT was inconvenient!”


They should look into drone delivery.


actually, the last thing i did there was agree to a Dunkaroo, and so i left laughing and also a bit dazed, lol. if you are unfamiliar with them like i was, she had me stick my head in a bucket of ice water until my head touched the bottom of the bucket, and then when i pulled my head out she SLAPPED me so hard i almost fell over. granted, she told me that was what a Dunkaroo was ahead of time, so i knew what was coming, but i didn’t really expect the full package to be that shocking. the prize was an ice-cold beer from the bottom of the bucket, so it was worth it in the end.


Genius comedian Rhod Gilbert would beg to differ:



Up until this point, I had no interest in going to Burning Man.

Now I want to go.


“Every new employee is quite scared of doing this at first, but you get used to it very quickly,” the worker said. “The only issue is having to use the toilet. It’s exhausting to have to climb back down and up again to use the toilet, so we try not to drink too much water.”

Folks at the base of the cliff… “Is it raining?” :thinking:

Look Up What The GIF by Astrid and Lilly Save The World


‘rock climbers’… well, they do appear to be climbing a rock face, but that’s not really the definition I’d use since there’s no training or experience required (but I guess I’m being a little pedantic here :wink:)

This seems a lot like some of the cliff walk videos from China, more a via ferrata than lead climbing:

Still cool, some of the ones I’ve seen are definitely on my bucket list. Although seeing someone unclip both of their carabiners to go around someone frozen in fear a thousand feet up on a cliff face did make my toes itch…


Uh oh, looks like rain again… wait a minute!


Gotta admit, most inconvenient convenience stores won’t let you use their bathroom. :man_shrugging:


i retrospect, i wonder if they were consciously cribbing from this bit. the conversation was remarkably similar, except he takes it much further. either way, since i knew the whole point was to be inconvenienced, i was amused rather than apoplectic.


Heh, Rhod does do ‘Apopleptic’ rather well…


honestly, things like that happen all the time at burning man. i was just walking down a random street when i saw the “Inconvenience Store” sign and thought i’d stop and check it out. you always hear about the big stuff at the burn, but it’s the little stuff like this that really make it for me.


Location pay?


“Oooooh, the cat’s eaten it!”
“You have a cat?”
sfx of long falling cat
“We did, yes.”


It’s an almost vertical via ferrata. They deserve the title “rock climbers.” Its no more/less difficult than someone following a lead climber. Although: “negligent rock climbers” seems more appropriate. The rock doesn’t seem that unstable (its so busy all the loose rock has probably already fallen), but jesus: do you want 20 people directly above you kicking down pebbles, dirt, dust. Dropping carabiners, iphones, car keys, or food items and litter thereof. Oh, let alone if one of these inept people themselves fall on you. Nothing about this is appealing.

And, as for this “store”… its just a store for the sake of being a store. It has no real utility. People buy a water half-way up to tell the amusing story of buying a water half-way up. Surely, some people are attracted to this particular via ferrata solely in order to tell the story of buying a water half-way up.

Shiniuzhai is the same park that opened a 900-foot glass bridge: