This Ketchup and Mustard cake is not cool


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Oh so carrot cake is bad and tomato cake is good? Stop cakeshaming me Rusty!


Ahhh, Ooooo, I could actually see this with a couple of hot dogs, a dill, and a side of tater tots…


Honestly the cake seems fine. It’s a modified and dies spice recipe.
The idea of mustardy frosting however, that sets off my gag-o-meter.


Ketchup is as American as apple pie! Why do you hate America? Why?


Yellow mustard is never a good idea.


needs hotdog-slice accents a-la bananas foster


Hey I like carrot cake. :yum:
With NO raisins! Raisins are good in Raisin Bran and out of a box cold. They don’t belong in cookies or other cooked things! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Ketchup and Mustard cake makes me think of Net Neutrality. :frowning:


Seeing any recipe and thinking “this needs ketchup in it” should probably be a lifetime ban from any kitchen to be honest.


Exactly this! I grew up thinking I hated mustard. Turns out I like it just fine, it’s just that yellow mustard is revolting.


It would be good to replace the American mustard with English mustard, bit more of a kick.


My theory is that raisins are added to cookies by people too cheap or too mean to use chocolate chips. And I like carrot cake, too.


Raisins are a concentrated fibery essence of the noble grape, and any cookie, cake, or breakfast cereal containing no raisins is a sadly inferior food.


Once went to a party in SF for my buddy the photog. He is from TX and we have scoped out bay area BBQ joints as a hobby. Well once he had a big party and I made hand pressed margaritas all night long in the kitchen. His gf’s daughter comes in with a cake, grabs her chocolate sauce from the fridge and pours it all over the cake. She licks her finger and burst into tears! What? What? She grabbed the BBQ sauce. I said she should just serve it as is, he’d love it. She cut away a half inch all around and smeared it with her filthy hershey’s chocolate syrup. Can’t win em all.


Raisins ruin any food it graces by completely overpowering with clusterbombs of sweetness. There are a few things i’ve eaten where raisins were not awful but honestly i’m more than happy just not having them near my food.


When I was 5, I insisted my mom make me ketchup sandwiches for lunch. My wise mother served me ketchup sandwiches for lunch. On the third day, I admitted defeat. No more ketchup sandwiches please, Mom.

I still like ketchup, deployed properly. For instance, French fries are merely a ketchup delivery system. Unless I’m in the UK. Then it’s malt vinegar by the pint on my chips.


For me ketchup on fries is only acceptable if its made by the restaurant and has a unique taste to it, or if the fries are bad ketchup would be something i’d use to make them edible. Otherwise good fries are ruined by ketchup.


The yellow mustard does not sound good, but a nice honey mustard could almost be used straight, without the conversion to buttercream frosting.