This key-sized multi tool is a wrench, screwdriver, smoking pipe and more

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The Boing Boing Shop often reminds me of an old song… by Tom Lehrer.


Is the pipe like a chillum? If so it might be consided a crack pipe. Bad for business that…

Seem like a metal smoking pipe would get too hot to hold pretty quickly.


Nah; should be okay if it’s big enough. Anything larger than, say, a key should be fi…

Oh. Right.


So, you just put the pointy end with a file on one side and a hooked, serrated blade on the other in your mouth? Or the other end, millimeters away from the bowl? :thinking:

Is this for meth? Seems like a tweaker tool. Or is this some sort of cruel joke on drug addicts trying to get them to cut their tongue and mouth as they burn themselves trying to use this?


Yeah, nothing like sticking a sooty, ashy, smelly “key” back into your pocket after taking inconspicuous one-hits by repeatedly sticking your keys in your face.

You guys should quit hawking bullshit like this.


It’s not a pipe so much as something vaguely resembling a pipe that would never actually work. In that sense it is part of a long American tradition.


Maybe it’s intended as a feature, not a bug. “It was only when I cut my mouth and lips open on a stupid key shaped pipe that I realized I’d hit rock bottom, and needed to make a change”.


Just went to the website. You really are supposed to put the pointy end into your mouth.

It’s not just a multi-tool, it’s “disruptive”! :-/

But props to them for making it out of “420” stainless steel. I guess some steel alloy puns are just too good to pass up, and there can’t be that many of them.


Also can be used as brass knuckles.




Yes and no. You’d have to pause, every 2-3 tokes, or it would get…rather warm, let’s say. I had one teeny metal pipe of this scale (a “2-toker”) I used as an earring, way back when =).

I don’t, however, see the point of a “multitool” that you regularly cover with dope resin. Ick! WIth that design, you’d regularly get horrid, sticky black crud smeared all over your pocket(s)/fingers/etc.

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Pipe functionality questions aside (it’s certainly no Proto-Pipe!), it looks much too short to get enough leverage to use as a wrench or prying tool; even certain bottle caps might be pretty hard to pry off with this, and you’d probably cut your fingers. I’m gonna pass on this one thanks!

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It’s a little ironic, but I’d expect the TSA will ban it as “drug paraphernalia” on those grounds.



It’s made of injection molded stainless steel, heat-treated to H900, which means it can work without blunting.

I see there what you did

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I don’t know, it doesn’t look much shrimpier than my Gerber Dime and I use that every single day, at work and home (I mean I basically hold a supermarket together with it, and am drinking a beer I opened with it right now).
But the pot thing, meh… get a real pipe, come on…

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