This Lincoln Project ad congratulating "Comrade Trump" is all in Russian

Subtly different goals, too. Democrats want to win elections for Dem politicians who are running. They don’t have the reach to boot Trump out before then.

In contrast, I think the LP not only wants to get rid of Trump in the election, I think they also have the goal of seeing him removed or resign before the election. That’s the only reason to target Trump’s base, to clear the roadblock for GOP congresscritters to remove him. They don’t need to get Trump’s base to abandon him in an election; they just need to sow doubt and demotivate enough that the base won’t strike out at GOP politicians who criticize him or vote for removal. They’re trying to taint him enough that, even if the base don’t like it, they don’t feel angry enough to do anything about it.


it’s all fun and games until they take this massive slosh fund they’ve made to undo their own mistake of trump and then turn and focus it on Biden come January to get him to do every damn “moderate” things they want him to do

but eh not worried, Biden is literally “weekend at bernie’s” he barely knows where he is, can barely read the teleprompter, can’t interact normally with people or reporters because he is so out of it

still voting for him even as a corpse of course but it’s ridiculous this is the choice we’ve made


I think that may be a “pie in the sky” goal but not the one they seriously expect to accomplish. These guys aren’t rubes and they know that would be a tall order. Handing a staggering defeat to Trump in 2020 puts them in a better position to get a Classic Republican™ who is more to their liking in office in 2024.


What did people fear from the soviet union? the nukes? the communism? the kgb? Putin’s Russia has two of the three.


Do these get played to a wider audience? I’ve never seen any of these outside of BB.

Maybe they’re played on Fox (etc.). If so, I wouldn’t know.

And it only cost us $70,000 . Stupid Americans!

All of that is bollocks. It’s stuff claimed by Trump’s far-right supporters, and too many leftists have seized upon it for stupid reasons. Go watch any speech or appearance by Biden, and watch it entirely, not just a clipshow of moments cherrypicked to make him look bad.


Hasn’t the GOP been trying to bring back their fantasy of the '50s since Ronald Reagan was in office? McCarthyism and the Red Scare go hand in hand with that. :thinking: Wait, if they didn’t mean the 1950s, then…

Oh, :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:. I’ve gotta go. I totally forgot about plans to visit my boyfriend from, uh, Canada. I’ll be back in time to vote in November, though.


“Why isn’t the guy on this commercial speaking American?”

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DH showed me the one that popped up on Facebook.

Is it? The far right frames everyone as left of center to be Marxists and Commies. Yet they turn a blind eye to ex-KGB Soviet goon Trump believes over US Intelligence.


A man who really knows how to fix an election and an entire nation.


Well one of the three and a similar thing to the second one with a different name. But it’s the third one Americans always play up when it comes to Russia and that’s the one that definitely doesn’t exist anymore. It’s pathetic.

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Trump probably doesn’t speak Russian, and if he can’t read his daily intelligence brief he certainly can’t read these fast moving subtitles - so he will probably enjoy this ad.


Well, it is congratulatory after all.


Even the wildest cold war paranoia never imagined a scenario in which a Russian conspiracy to influence the US Presidential election was actively supported by the Republican Party.

Putin is a former KGB officer. It’s not exactly a stretch to paint him as the literal and spiritual heir to the old Soviet regime.


Putin’s FSB, the KGB, the Cheka, and the Okhrana probably exist on some sort of historical continuum. Though I’m not sure that this sort of intellectual exercise would survive an encounter with American history.

These are being produced by Republicans. George Conway is a founding member of The Lincoln Project.

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Yep, I know. That why I asked why Dems aren’t doing the same thing.

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