This man facing an attempted murder charge has perfect nickname


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“Ethan A. Prescott” or “Murderer”

I can’t decide, they both have a ring to them.


Oh, come on. No backstory behind the nickname?



Would you say you’re … GOD DAMN IT!


“charged a man with attempted murder for shooting another man several times last week”

So … he, uh, had to shoot the guy over a period of days? Or what?


Maybe it’s pronounced “moy-dah”?


reminds of the time corey miller, rapper and brother of master-p, was tried and convicted in the beating and shooting death of a man at a nightclub.

his rap nom-de-plume is “c-murder.”

i believe his attorneys at the time tried to have all mention of ‘c-murder’ barred from being used during the trial but were unsuccessful.


I feel inadequate. My middle name is just Danger.



Thanks, @Nightflyer! This is going to come in handy!



I hadn’t planned to stay long. I’m just here for dis appointment, ya see…


Erm, I have to be the one to point this out? It’s not actually a perfect nickname.

Some other possibilities:

  • “Attempter”
  • “Shooter”
  • “Bad Aims McGee”
  • “No Alibi Prescott”

Murder would only be a good nickname if he was successful at it.


fun! just like how people named Dennis are more likely to be dentists and people named Tucker are more likely to be Low Energy™


What I don’t get is why so many mafia heads are named Donald.


I almost I didn’t give you a like for that one, it was that bad.


Pfft. That isn’t metal enough.

Try having a REAL last name of Murderface, not just a sissy nick name.


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