This man has been looking for the Loch Ness Monster for 25 years


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This man has been living in stunning countryside, making a living selling souviners for 25 years.

and fair play to him.


“It’s more likely to turn out to be a big catfish.”

I’m glad he’s got realistic expectations, otherwise this could be quite sad.


Obsessive Compulsive Disorder? (Not making light of OCD. I just happen to appreciate the creative endeavors of OCD folks mainly in the visual arts.)


Still looking, Mr. Feltham?

Here’s its address: 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, Washington, DC


If it’s anything I say it’s a giant slug of some kind, that spends most of its life cycle in the mud at the bottom.


I am reminded of the Babylon 5 episode about a guy searching for the Holy Grail.


I’ve been lookin’ for Bigfeets for at least 40 years…


don’t forget the “NW” – otherwise he might to to the apartment complex at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave SE and that would be awkward.


We know the photo is an admitted hoax, right?


The irony of Pesco’s user badge / icon is not lost here.


So how long would you search for something, having no evidence that it’s even real, before you conclude that it’s not there? I usually give up after ten minutes searching for things much smaller than monsters. If I searched for 25 years, would you applaud my perseverance?


Found 'em.


I feel like his commitment to the search is really just a commitment to that laid back lifestyle he seems to be enjoying. I only have this video to go on but it wouldn’t surprise me if his search efforts consisted entirely of peering through those binoculars a few times a day and writing down “nothing yet” in a diary.


sounds like a lovely walk in the country


SE. That’s the cat house. Right? Still works out!


And drinking a lot of tea.

Seems like a very happy (and balanced) man.


If I could figure a way to make a living out of searching for gnomes in my garden, I sure as fuck would do it, whether they are real (heh) or not. I might applaud your perseverance, and ask for tips on how you were able to keep it going that long, especially if it’s actually enough of a money maker.


So. You gave up on the hunt for Nargles after just twenty five minutes? Here lies the future of wizard knowledge. :crying_cat_face: