This may be the most brilliantly complicated book synopsis ever on Amazon


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“His third wife, meanwhile, anxiously watches her mailbox every day, waiting for the day that a letter, any letter, arrives to make her realize that life is worth living.”

Trying to keep his sanity while doing all of these things has put a lot of stress and strain on this person.

Signs suggest he fails.


this one remains one of my all-time self-published favorites:

though i suspect that half the fun is due to machine translation from japanese to english.

Edit: i should report that it is indeed… Effective Way.


That doesn’t seem like a very complicated synopsis. The sentences are short and easy to understand, without resorting to unnecessary verbiage. It’s a bit stilted and it certainly doesn’t sound remotely appealing, especially if said synopsis is reflective of the author’s style, but “complicated”? Not so much.

Merely completing a “long book” and publishing it in any form is more than what 99% of people manage to accomplish, anyway.


This reminds me of the horrible Half Life fanfiction that eventually became a series of videos. Half Life: Full Life Consequences


“Impossible to set down, and without foul language, this novel is written for the entire family to enjoy, each sentence insightful and important. The story solves ninety-five percent of the world’s major problems—a truly innovative and memorable novel destined to be held in the regard of one of the classics.”

I got my money’s worth right there.


Yeah, but only ninety-five percent. That’s your low-hanging fruit.


It’s like ‘The Room’ in book form.

Oh Hai!


The first rule of synopsis is, it must not be longer than the original work.


I just purchased one. Because, why not? Trails of Unexpected Journeys is available for 2 bucks. DONE.


did you actually read the book?


«Merely completing a “long book” and publishing it in any form is more than what 99% of people manage to accomplish, anyway.»



They used to say “Why read something when you can Xerox it?”

Nowadays we can say “Why read something when you can download it to your Kindle?”


Methinks there is an Indian (Asian) angle here.

There is lots of talk on marketing forums about how to gain a “passive” income from mass producing low quality pap for Kindle. Much of that talk involves outsourcing the writing to the third world. I think this might be a part of that.

On the other hand, it could be just related to an actual author by the name of Corbin that, much like 90% of the population, barely can express himself in writing.


Really? I heard malarkey.


A friendly reminder: NaNoWriMo is next month! Maybe I’ll finally participate after over a decade of procrastination.


Because this wife never talks to that husband, like a wife is supposed to do.

This could mean two completely contradictory things. Either the wife never talked to her husband even though wives are expected to do so or she never spoke to her husband which is the behavior expected by the husband. I honestly couldn’t even begin to guess which of these he meant.


My copy just arrived! It’s enormous. But my favorite part is that the book is dedicated to:



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