This Michigan-shaped Adirondack chair dispenses cold beverage cans


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The ice contained will keep the cans chilled for approximately eight hours,

So, fully seven hours longer than necessary.


The attention to detail is terrific, specifically Verner’s. That’s a very very Michigan thing.


Oh yaah. Dem dere yoopers have a reputation, ya know.


Michigan shaped Adirondack chairs.

Not sure how I feel about this.


Perhaps I’m missing something, but it seems like more work than a cooler sitting on the ground.


Pretty cool except for the giant state on it. And it’s slanted so you can’t even use it as a table.




Funny, they had it in my corner grocery in SF. Haven’t found it in Tucson, though.


IMO, why would you want any other ginger ale.


Typical of a Troll to ignore the UP, and only remember it when a lot of drinking is involved.

(Troll=Michigander living ‘beneath the bridge’)


Yupers just jelly 'cause they still have to import beer from Canuckistan and Wisconsin. :smirk:


It arrived in MA a year or so ago


#fakenews There were at least two breweries when I visited a few years back, probably more now. The BETTER beer was downstate, but that’s another store. And the best beers we imported from next door and up north when I went to college in the UP in the 90s have all since been bought by Miller-Coors and taste wrong now.


UP doesn’t have the population to support all that many. On the other hand, there are at least 3 within a couple city block radius from where I sit.
The map’s pretty crowded in my part of the state.


Holy hell, Copper Harbor has a brewery now?! Life is good.


I’m here to tell you, Michigan has become beertopia. Distilleries are lagging, but catching up quickly. Michigan: the state of drinking!

[Now, if we could only get more rational about that Devil Weed…]

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