This rebar-tying video is weirdly calming

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I’ve tied rebar by hand on a project in Mexico. This looks infinitely better.


I was expecting something that was going to twist the rebar itself.
While definitely cool I have a small sad.




dun be sad - here is:


While the video i nice, I truly start to loathe the expression ‘weirdly calming’. I immediately associate it with ‘10 unbelievable things about…’ and other clickbait adfarming.

Just say ‘nicely calming’. It’s not weird. (Sorry xeni, nothing personal. I have been reading Digg yesterday, I’ll take my meds and stay off Digg for the rest of the year :slight_smile: )

I’ve tied rebar. Had friends on a crew that traveled PA doing nothing but tying rebar on bridges. Most people last 2 years before their wrists can’t take it. This makes me think of what Cesar Chavez said about lettuce picking—some jobs should be automated.

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I’m horrified by what this thing would do to me if I screwed up.

Would be way more good if all the safety shrouds were removed so we could see what’s going on in there

Oh well then never mind esoteric tools like rebar tyers, let me introduce you to a circular saw.

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