This self-described "racist horrible person" is completely accurate

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Calling the guy filming “obnoxious”? That’s projection. He’s only filming in case you come unglued completely, Karen.



I am so grateful I don’t have to deal with customer service. The patience required to deal with that person is intense…

Her repeated reference to “African American Fishing” is confusing. Is there some racist trope about fishing I am missing here?


She just keeps doubling down on a losing hand.


I’ve seen better behaved toddlers who skipped their nap at restaurants. :confused:


Wait for the reveal at 3:38, it’s an iPad commercial!


I can’t even tell what she thinks this argument is about? She’s talking in circles of gibberish.


From what I can piece together I think she got kicked out of the restaurant for being an asshole, and in kicking her out the management refused her payment for the meal but also made a copy of her ID to post behind the reception area in order to warn the restaurant staff that she was not welcome there in the future.

The guy recording the incident sounds like he just happened to be there when it all went down and the Racist Horrible Person decided that the mere existence of a Black man in Santa Barbara was noteworthy enough to elicit mockery.

Racist Horrible Person mentioned other people being with her who offered to pay for the meal but I guess if she had any companions when she got there they wisely put some distance between themselves and her by the time the recording started.


Whooo boy. It’s so weird to have a random person’s melt-down turned into a global spectacle via Youtube etc. But man, when someone starts filming, you’d think people would make a real effort to keep control of themselves. If her response to stress is to suddenly get racist with bystanders, I can’t even begin to imagine how she behaves when she thinks no one is recording her. But at least she had that brief moment of self-awareness.

I get the impression it was all she could come up with, because she was at the beach and he was Black, and that fact she found his Blackness to be “annoying,” apparently and thus needed to be mentioned, repeatedly. I think, if it had been anywhere else, it would have been “African American [some other random activity]”.

It’s not at all clear what happened, but it seems like her ID was taken and she wants it back? If so, that part is completely reasonable, but given how she immediately gets racist with the guy filming, I’m guessing what came before wasn’t at all reasonable. Also she keeps obfuscating her demand for her ID with demands for an apology, “her stuff,” and general incoherent ranting.

Whatever happened must have been baaad if they went so far as to not just kick out a group, wouldn’t take payment and photocopied her ID to ban her. Seems like she really just wants her ID back, but she’s so incoherent it’s not coming across - she keeps demanding, and making the conversation about, other things, so her demand keeps getting lost and derailed as her tirade holds up the person who can give it back to her.


She also referred to him as working in a fish market, so he may work in a fish market nearby. I don’t know how that becomes “African-American fishing”.

Maybe he works nearby and was doing the restaurant worker (could be owner, could also bean aquaintance of his) a favor by recording what happened. He did say at the end that he was going to send her the video.


The restaurant chain serves locally caught fish. The “African-American Man” probably works for the local fish market, and maybe making a delivery at an opportune moment to catch a Karen in the wild.

See also: “Tell me you’re a racist without telling me you’re a racist.”

Looks like @John_Abbott1 got in just before me. Buy you a coke, maybe a fish taco?


Though in this case she did explicitly tell everyone she was a racist.


Yes. Yes she did. This is kind of like the spinoff meme, where people don’t quite get the rules yet.


RHP needs recognition here, a lot. I’m using that.


Jiminy Cricket, what a miserable person.


The first 30 seconds, I legitimately thought this was staged. I mean, her acting was pretty bad, let’s be real. But then I kept watching. Nope, this is clearly not staged. Her acting is still atrocious, though.

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My impression having watched and listened a few times: I think the initial incident was that the Karen was unable to pay her bill; perhaps she forgot her money or her card was declined. The restaurant asked for her ID while she made other arrangements so that she didn’t just dine and dash (which, in fairness, doesn’t seem to be what Karen was trying to do). Then, some other folks offered to pay on her behalf. Karen accepted one offer from a person who then tried to pay using PayPal, which the restaurant doesn’t accept. The Karen then asked for her ID back claiming that it’s not her fault if the restaurant is rejecting payment via paypal. The video seems to begin soon after; Karen saying I’ve done my best to pay you and you rejected my payment, so gimme my ID back, and the restaurant saying we took your ID to ensure payment and you haven’t paid. Then apparently a full 25% of Santa Monica’s African American population shows up to film.


The fact that it isn’t in black and white and is missing a technopop soundtrack is the giveaway this is a fan-made Apple commercial

“It’s not your fault that you’re Black, of course…”


Because it’s clearly a bad thing.