This three-legged bear broke into a home and chugged three White Claws (video)

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Wonder if the bear can collab with the unemployed wine guy you tube channel?

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Good thing they were out of cocaine.


This three-legged bear broke into a home…

Ain’t no laws when you’re armed with bear claws.

Related: Whenever I see White Claw, I think of this gem from Madeleine Dean. “Passing laws and drinking claws” is just <chef’s kiss>.


The bear then went around to other members of the pack claiming to being ‘wasted’…


1: This is really on the company for naming it that. It’s like it’s marketed TO bears.

2: I don’t think three cans is a large enough sample size to fairly determine the bear’s favorite flavor, unless this has happened more than once.

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A three-legged bear broke into a Lake Mary, Florida home and helped itself to three White Claws in the refrigerator.

And no reference to the “hollow leg” joke?

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Isn’t this just called “Going to The Eagle In Any Major US City”

I didn’t realize ATLs favorite legendary gay leather bar was a chain now…

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I mean, I’ve only ever been to the one in Boston, but I was told that a lot of cities also had gay leather bars called the Eagle, even if it’s not an official chain.

Dang it, I watched that whole video hoping to see the bear actually drink the White Claws. Like, did he pop the top? Poke a hole and chug?

Color me disappointed.

Makes sense, bears usually do have a claw for every leg.

Now I need to know if there is some historically significance to eagles and gay BDSM?

They say he was really into amateur photography before losing a forepaw made it too difficult to haul all his gear around.

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Just glad the bear didn’t drink Red Bull.
A bear with wings might be unstoppable.

you mean like this…

A real three-fisted drinker.

Angry How Dare You GIF by Paddington Bear

… it’s a thing

There was a minor scandal in Portland when one guy forgot to renew the trademark or something and another guy nicked it, but I can’t find it now

The Eagle (bar) - Wikipedia

How 'The Eagle' Became One of the Most Recognized Gay Bar Names

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