This toilet seat checks your heart health


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From that angle, it would be more likely to check your prostate?


I’m not sure where you think the prostate is located


I, for one, welcome our new lavatorial health-monitoring commisars.

Universal connectivity means that inevitably some health/life insurance company will start offering these, linked to their dynamic premium calculator - and soon thereafter some hacker will be able to see when you shat, how much you shat, and so on, probably including pictures at some point. We will, at last, have truly arrived at the Internet of Shit.


I was coming here to similarly say I was disappointed this thing should be checking my colon.


I’ve always wanted a log of my logs (I’ll show myself out).

This should also be able to measure the relative ease of evacuating, ie. heart rate goes up if constipated. I do hope this will come with social media integration, all my facebook friends need to know this stuff, and my toilet’s twitter account will be famous.

anothernewbbaccount beat me to it, but this will finally make the literal internet of shit a reality.


Uh… if they’re trying to disregard the moments that you sit on a toilet for why put the sensors in the toilet? shouldn’t the readings maybe instead be read with the knowledge that the person is there to take a shit? and base the diagnosis off of that complete information?


Their study sample probably omits another body function on the toilet that might put higher stress.


“Turn your head and cough.”


do they make one with built in electro muscular stimulation, like a tens unit, so the seat does the pushing for you? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


So I assume
we are supposed to sit there
and only…read?


I just want it to make fart noises, that’s it, none of that highfalutin shenanigans.


Before long they will have a commode that tells your fortune every time you spend a penny.


I know it’s just a typo, but I love the idea that it can do an EEG. Though the prevalence has decreased some its peak in late 2016, some 30-40% of Americans still have some degree of craniorectal inversion. This seat would be a great way to check their brainwaves.


it’s real


I’m not saying it’s mandatory to install one. But you’ll get a 30 percent discount on your health insurance if you do. We’ll need to review the data tho.


What’s to prevent switching out
one ass
for another?


Must every topic here become political?


I had to respond by adding
“my approval” (ah-hem)
over and above a