Three companies stopped advertising on Tucker Carlson's TV show

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Like useless monuments to white nationalists, can we please just toss him into a lake.


Presumably that will be possible only after the repeal of toxic dumping regulations.


Disney and the rest are doing what is known as “pandering”.
They pretend to care about you and I, but it turns out they really only care about their bottom line.


This is one of those deals where the companies pause advertising on a particularly poisonous Faux show, and then return to advertising there a few weeks later when the dust settles. Didn’t Pirro and Lahren take breaks and then return to their respective shows like nothing happened?


A uniquely American capitalist concept, the whole corporate withholding of monies from this show or that. Certainly something worth doing, but not exactly sufficient at all to change anything.

And it does really underline how money defines what is good or not in the US (and elsewhere). We can laud those companies for doing it, or criticize them for not pulling their ads. They have the money and their virtue is defined by their use of it (and how much they have). Regular individuals are basically irrelevant except in pressuring a couple of big corps to pretend to do the right thing once in awhile.


I would assume this kind of thing does nothing at all.

This guy is one of the most-watched shows on Fox. Even if every single advertiser pulled out of advertising on his show, they wouldn’t boot him, because then they’d lose all the viewers that stick around and watch all the other stupid parts of Fox.

They’d lose way more audience, and thus advertising dollars, if they pissed off his faithful viewers.

So unless companies en mass start cancelling from Fox entirely, and not just a show here and a show there, this kind of thing does nothing.


Who knew unthinking market forces could sometimes have a liberal bias?



The real question is: how is it that any companies are advertising on his show?


You’re probably right, but if the end result in market-land is “Tucker Carlson = bad for business” I’ll take it.


I’d really like to sit in on marketing meeting where somebody says “Racism sells”. Not really but, JHC somebody is saying it for his show.


Well, and, the sponsors will quietly slink back to Tucker after all the varmints quiet down.

Why were they on his show in the first place? How does any sponsor get on Tucker Carlson or Laura Ingraham or Hannity or Pirro if they are not already racist and/or fascist? Only the Mr. Pillow guy should be there, sponsoring his racist pillows, on those timeslots.

Mr Pillow guy makes very racist pillows! As he will tell you, he recovered from being a drug abuser, attributes his recovery entirely to Yahweh, and hates anyone who doesnt also do cosplay in the ECU (Evangelical Christian universe).

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In my book that’s OK. I don’t think it is reasonable to expect artificial entities created to be singularly focused on sociopathic pursuits to do better.

The humans behind it are a different story. While I’d love everyone to abruptly learn to be decent humans, it isn’t going to happen. But even “just” stopping the active evil and faking sincerity looks a damn sight better than where we were a month ago.


He ended up the top rated show after they booted the previous top rated personalities under pressure from public criticism and advertisers pulling money.

Like six god damn times at this point.

They’ll boot the guy if too many sponsors pull out, or if companies start cutting ad buys on the network and not specific shows. The audience will just line up behind whoever it is they anoint as the next voice of the network. And Carlson will go the way of Beck and O’Reilly, increasingly bonkers AM radio.

This seems to suit the network just fine. Though it purportedly pisses off Murdoch’s son who’s slated to take over and finds it all unseemly.


I guess the tipping point must have been Carlson going after Elmo.

As the red guy himself might say, “Elmo may be a monster, but Elmo has nothing on Mr. Carlson.”


Probably some jackass selling “survival food buckets” etc… so the faithful can prepare for the end times. (which, btw, if it’s really real armageddon, aren’t you supposed to dutifully die so you can reach your eternal reward?)


Perhaps Tucker isn’t extremist enough?


Yet another new low for Tucker Carlson. I thought he was taken down a long, long time ago. Anyone remember the bow tie burn by Jon Stewart?


I thought I was up on all this but I seem to have missed something. The Mr Pillow guy makes racist pillows?

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After fellating Donnie 2-Scoops in the Rose Garden ~ a month ago, Mr. Pillow turned back to the mike and told us about his Lord & Saviour, Jesus Christ. I found it cringey and inappropriate from the specific location.

Edit: Scopps -> Scoops.