"Three margarita" man gets tackled and tased at airport, passengers applaud

Methford, eh?

When I drink a fishbowl-sized margarita, I usually stop at one :slight_smile: But I’m pretty sure 3 wouldn’t make me any meaner or dumber than I am sober. A little less sure-footed, certainly!

Kudos for the restraint shown by the female Police Officer; She had the perfect shot lined up, almost guaranteed to make semi-docile just about any man, but she didn’t take it. I mean they were right there. Clearly illuminated by the flashlight…

Anyone with actual taser training know if male testicles are considered a good target?

@almighty_bob ‘s comment reminded me of something else I saw in the video. There appeared to be some bystander guy who was trying to help the cops subdue margarita man. It was around the time they had MM on the ground, and female cop was trying to take careful aim. They had to ask bystander to stand back, presumably because the current would flow through him too. Why would someone involved themselves in a police violence situation. F*ck that, that’s the cops’ job.

Yeah, I was doing that too, didn’t seem to help. Thanks for the suggestion though. Through that, I leaned that scroll wheel up/down moves you to the next video. Weird experience, but I guess that’s by design, to hook you into watching more. More stoopid stuff.


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