Through internet videos, tracing the African roots of twerk

Well, which stereotypes are uttered in implicit reference to all white people? My own answer (YMMV): very few.

Among those that do seem to apply to all white people (can’t jump, lack rhythm, etc.), how injurious are they, really? That is, how much of a history, and an ongoing reality, of racial oppression against white people accompanies them, and gets reinforced by them? My own answer: Very, very little. In fact, in the U.S., none.

So I don’t really care much about the supposed scourge of stereotypes about white people. Given the fact that the U.S. remains a de facto white supremacist culture and society, and that many (most?) people of color still suffer greatly as a result, I think any butthurt attention paid by whites to stereotypes about whites is a waste of breath and energy (which is not to say I think you’re acting all butthurt). Not to mention how naive and silly it makes white people look when they moan and groan about “reverse racism” and so on.