Tickets for Trump rally come with Covid-19 liability waiver

You’d think that a waiver of responsibility for the strong likelihood of giving you a dangerous disease would suggest to Trump supporters that Trump doesn’t care about them. Except of course, to Trump supporters this sociopathic lack of concern for others is a feature rather than a bug. It’s the missing part of themselves that Trump supporters see missing in Trump.

wait I know: it’s so leftists who don’t wash will contract it someplace else and sue claiming they got it from a real American. clever.

While I absolutely agree with you on this, can you imagine the reaction of this “freedom loving group” to the news they were going to be tracked after the event? The meltdowns would be amazing.


I’m not seeing a down side, here…


Me either, I’m just visualizing the glory.


You mean, like all the data collected by campaign organizers just for requesting a ticket?

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could’na seen that comin’. :roll_eyes:

Hopefully they’ll all be carrying their Obamaphones.

“If your phone’s ever been in a Catholic church, it’s amazing, they got this data,” Bannon reportedly said. “Literally, they can tell who’s been in a Catholic church and how frequently,” Bannon added. “And they got it triaged.”

When asked how he received the data, Bannon told Klayman, “the phone companies.” He continued, “and the data guys sell it.”


They probably don’t think about that either; like taking a “quiz” on Facebook to find out which house they would end up with in Harry Potter.

This would be actively tracking their health and medical condition. I’m sure the thought of that might make them perk up a bit.


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