"Time capsule" letters from 18th century found in Jesus's butt


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So was this hiding the letters where you knew someone would look or where you thought no one would ever look?


…wins the “headline of the day” award.




Jesus works in mysterious ways.


I smell a new Dan Brown novel!

It smells like butt.


To paraphrase, “From your lips to God’s…errr…rear.”

Edited for better word choice.


Holy shit.




In his letters, Mínguez paints a picture of the region’s day-to-day economic and cultural activity. The chaplain first notes that the statue was created by a man named Manuel Bal, who created other wooden statues for churches in the region. He then describes the successful harvests of various grains like wheat, rye, oats, and barley and stores of wine.

Nice. Pretty plausible cover story. Only the Illuminati know what’s really in those letters. They called me in as an ROT-13 specialist. Does the name “John of Patmos” ring any bells?


Neat time capsule of history. Boring for most people, but it helps paint a picture of what was going on.


Actually a thing, sort of:



I do enjoy those “strange items taken from peoples’ butts” stories, but two things I never thought would be part of the story: Jesus and a time capsule.


it’s not really work if you do it for love.


I knew there were always a couple of 50ies in Green Lantern’s butt for emergencies, but this is new.


So Jesus left me a bunch of IOUs for the heroin and smokes he was supposed to smuggle in. Typical.




When you consider the purported life of Jesus, one could come to the conclusion that he was pretty anal.


… answering that age old question:
What would Jesus … have up his butt?