Time Person of the Year: The Silence Breakers


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Good show, and also a long time coming.


This is freaking awesome.



I had a feeling it was going to be this. Well deserved, IMHO.


yes, but… is this really anything else than lip service to a (very short lived) dying cause if this ‘movement’ is already being discredited and undermined by some of the most influential figures in the U.S. due to the fact it no longer fits their political requirements?
Feels like yet another monumental opportunity to develop, improve and evolve society - like so many worthy events of the last year - has been confounded and smothered by the ridiculous bloody minded agenda of a small set of headline grabbing ass hats who believe enforcing their pet policy of a past era is more important than enriching society.


Once again, women get more votes than Trump.


Why do I feel like I’m about to be trolled?. :wink:

Doesn’t matter, the battle feels like it should be fought in the cultural plane, but it can only be coopted by it which is what you’re talking about here.


The abusers and harassers deny or downplay the abuse and harassment. Such has always been the case, from Clinton to Schwarzenegger to Cosby to Trump and countless others. That part isn’t new.

What is new is that some of those public figures are finally being held accountable for their actions. There’s never been a moment in our collective history when so many high-profile careers were ended over these kinds of allegations. It’s still too early to know how much staying power the movement will have but it’s had a heck of a big impact on 2017, which is the whole point of the POY cover.


I hear they really wanted Trump, but he said no.


So you’re saying you’d prefer that the women who’ve called out men for decades of sexual abuse shouldn’t be recognized as massively influential in 2017?


Ironic that these women are on the cover precisely because they did say, “no.”



I support this pick.

But you know, I still can’t forget what a seemingly good idea this was at first:



I remember this cover! I was filled with optimism about the internet back then…


We sure showed us, didn’t we?




Well of course not. they’re women! Women can’t be influential, silly! /s


They should be recognized (and not just women by the way - anyone can be a victim of sexual abuse) but these are just empty words if during the same year accused abusers are then getting endorsements to ‘go get em!’ without there being serious questions and repercussions.