Time to Statham Punch


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I liked Statham before he was an action guy.


He’s a very funny charismatic guy, love him in the early Guy Ritchie movie.He’s done some good stuff since but i definitely would like to see him do less action once in a while.


Now I want to see “Snatch: Special Edition,” with a punch or two worked in.

What about the outtakes? There’s gotta be something in that footage. No way Statham could’ve gotten through an entire production with Guy Ritchie and Brad Pitt without putting fist to face at least once.


A guy’s gotta feed his family.


I don’t fault him for it :slight_smile: i think he loves doing ridiculous action movies. But he could do with doing the odd movie without him being over the top action hero


That’s one of the things I like about him. If I’m trawling Netflix for some light entertainment, I know exactly what I’ll be getting when I see his fists on the cover.


When he was a diver?

I love Jason Statham films. And you know he knows how silly they are. The way he sends himself up in Spy is great.


Dude, Kool-Aid should totally make a flavor called Statham Punch. I’d buy it.


I think you’d have better luck with Ben & Jerry’s.


Nah man, Statham Punch needs to be an alcoholic drink.


An “Oh YEAH!!!” in your face!!!

-tagline for new flavor followed by him bursting through a wall.


Oh the range of Characters that man can play.

Here is a great infographic I found on the Intarwebs long ago…


Seems like that should be a mixed drink with kool-aid mixed in with some liquor.

@Grey_Devil beat me to it.


:smiley: boozy great minds think alike.


Maybe it should be like a long island ice tea, but with kool-aid?


Tried to find a GIF of Statham drinking to ascertain his drinking preferences, but all I could find was this paparazzi photo.

Really, Jason? Bud Light Lime?

I am disappoint.


What’s with the multi-choice beer selection? Is he getting ready for a party?


Hey hey, maybe his lady friends like it.


This was my thought too, but if he’s got friends over frequently then he might just keep a stock. I personally tend to feel bad if I have nothing to offer someone who has come over.