Today in "do not give this asshole your money": the Michael Cohen Truth Fund


The American People, in this case, do not HAVE to pay. They are choosing to pay.

It would be easier to take you seriously if you stuck to the facts.

Or, to quote my friend Melz:

“Whatever it takes to bring him down, by hook(ers) or crook(s).”

If you watched the video of Lanny Davis on the Today Show, you’d see that’s basically what he’s saying - that Cohen is ready to tell the truth but needs the help of the American people to do it. And that’s bullshit, regardless of whether people give willingly or not.


“Whatever it takes to bring him (Trump) down…”

Good SIR! How dare you sully the fine name of Cinnabon!

I’m sure even that fine mall purveyor of tempting smells doesn’t want this soon to be felon stinking up one of their venues.


Truth, justice and The American Way don’t come for free, you know.

LOL. While I agree about Cinnabon, I was referring to Saul Goodman from Breaking Bad, the lawyer of all the drug dealers who says this line as the shit starts to go down.


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I believe the point is that giving Cohen or his attorney money is NOT actually doing something to take Trump down.

If somebody gave me thousands of dollars for doing something, I’d keep doing it, and more.

You think Cohen might un-flip on Trump if we don’t make him even richer?

The sticks seem to be working just fine on that guy, no need for extra carrots.

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Almost hate to admit it, as it seems I’ve missed out on a crucial bit of modern western culture, but…

I never watched a single episode of Breaking Bad or Better Call Saul

phew… there. got it off my chest. They just didn’t seem like my kind of shows.


Not being from Texas, I just recently found out about Beto O’Rourke and am keenly interested in this guy. Besides appreciating his ideas and platform, I was really intrigued/impressed that in an age of hyper-partisan politics, I don’t see the word “Democrat” anywhere on the homepage of his site, in his biography, or on any of his campaign merchandise - all of which is a solid memorable classy black-and-white BETO logo.



I agree, but only if Davis is an honest ‘Joe’ and Cohen follows his advice.

$14.88 under “MILO”.

Perhaps Cohen’s tapes could put a teeny bit of donation pressure on certain unnamed, unimportant-to-Mueller, individuals.


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