Today in transphobia (Part 1)

Putting these here, for when someone claims that transgender-eliminationism isn’t genocide.

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Unfortunately, I don’t think that will help. They will just go all James Bakker, blame it on the trans people for being so demonically appealing, and Jeebus forgives to be back in business in a couple weeks. Meanwhile, they will dox the trans person and have their followers attack. It’s not worth putting good trans people in harms way.

We just have to keep fighting to make sure human rights apply to all humans.


In the UK things will go differently, but still badly.

In the late 80s and early 90s Outrage! threatened to out Conservative MPs and CofE bishops who were clients of male sex workers. No attempt to out any of them was ever made, but one of them died of heart attack and the press attacked queer people even more than normal. They cared more about one hypocritical Tory bastard than they did about all of us.


That’s simply 3 redundant words, isn’t it? /s




That’s awful… And yeah, we need to stop thinking about kids (and adults) who are bullied and end up committing suicide as somehow disconnected from the bullying. The people who do this are bullied into doing it…



If any performer gets questions about wearing drag in Tennessee they could always say they’re dressed as the governor.


Public healthcare is part of the mechanisms government uses to eliminate trans people quite often.


There hasn’t been any government sponsored anti-Trans BS in Australia since Labor won power, and there hasn’t been any in Victoria since I can remember (because the Dan Andrews Labor State government came in long before the current TERF wave started).

Sure there are rampaging bigots in state and federal parliaments, but they’re mostly restricted to complaining in the Murdoch media about how everybody is going to hell.

For my money, this isn’t an instance of the government attempting to eliminate transfolk, it’s just regular bog-standard incompetence.

(Note: this clinic is not the only place to get gender-affirming health care, even if the others have long wait lists. But it’s not as bad as the wait list in, say, the NHS, and I know, and know of, multiple transfolk at varying stages of transition in these parts, who are getting the help and care they need and deserve. Just not, you know, from this place.)


So, create a registry of trans people who have sought medical care. Yeah, no way that could be misused. (Although, most likely, what I would consider “misuse” is exactly what was intended, so not really?)


Well, that’s what a lot of people said in the US and UK, too… that it was a loud bigoted minority that would never get to enact their bigoted, eliminationist agenda… “these people are too incompetent to do what they say they’re going to do, and they are just grandstanding anyways”. I would not underestimate them just because things seem okay there now… I mean, I hope that this doesn’t happen there, too, but you have some of the same dynamics there as we have here and that is in the UK… so, it’s a possibility.



Sacramento will become the latest front in the conservative culture war on transgender people Friday, as the Capitol is the site for a “De-transition Awareness Day” rally.

Billed by organizers as the “biggest gathering of individuals harmed by gender ideology to date,” the event is expected to feature several “de-transitioners,”

emphasis mine

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The headliner and chief promoter for Friday’s event is 18-year-old Central Valley resident Chloe Cole

Despite the backing by many conservative activists and politicians, Cole told The Bee that Friday’s rally is not political. She also disputes that the rally is anti-transgender

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You are, of course, absolutely correct. We have TERFs enough, and they’re feeding off the US and UK TERF movements.

It’s just… the Murdoch media largely has other concerns, and hasn’t been raising “Teh Trans agenda!eleven1!” as anything more than the usual “Trans and gays and pedos and other perverts” narrative, and I haven’t noticed them singling out the Trans community more than usual, if at all. And even that less than they might have been, because of see below.

And as for wider society… It was only a few years ago that they had the whole Gay Marriage thing, where the (actually socially progressive, for a Liberal) PM was forced by the Xtianist Right to go through a “Plebescite” charade¹, but that overwhelmingly passed, and the memory of the vitriolic fuckery that was laid upon the LGBTI+ community as a whole and as individuals is remembered, so there’s some inoculation against TERF Island shit getting any traction.

Also, our Prime Minister marched in the Sydney Mardi Gras Pride parade the other week. Like, no security detail, no armoured car, no massive fanfair, just him in a daggy polo shirt, with a bunch of other parliamentarians, as one group in between floats and marching squads and sequins and fairy wings.

Also, I can’t imagine a newspaper in England or America, let alone a major masthead, printing a story like this one:

As you say, the danger is always there. But I’d say the signs are good that there’s enough pushback to keep it on the lunatic fringe.

[1] Long story short: they wanted to make it a Referendum, because those typically fail, but they couldn’t because it’s not a constitutional thing: it was a Liberal government which made gay marriage illegal in the first place with a regular act of parliament, so all it took was a new act to undo that, but they called a “Plebescite” to which they refused to be bound to necessarily respect the outcome anyway just to drag it out as long as possible and make it as painful as possible. And to that extent, it was very successful.
The results came back overwhelmingly “yes”, and Gay Marriage was duly legalised. Some Labor MPs, who are personally progressive, abstained because they were doing their best to respect the “no” votes of their districts (typically working class areas of socially conservative 1st and 2nd generation Australians), and most of the Xtianist Right of the Liberals and Nationals abstained or voted No because they were never not going to.
By contrast, it was a full Referendum in Ireland because it was written into the Bunreacht na hÉireann, and then it turned out when that was enabled that they accidentally outlawed heterosexual marriage until someone noticed and they fixed it.


8 years ago not only was it was plausible, but there were several stories in the British press like this every year. I can’t point to the exact moment when things started going wrong here, but it was some time between Hayley Cropper being killed off in Coronation Street (in January 2014) and Brexit. Positive portrayals on television really do make a difference (even when the actor is cisgender).


“ despite brandishing a firearm being a crime in the state of California, it appears she was not detained.”