Today in transphobia

Fuck their fil-As.


Some people like appropriating victimhood.

Whatever their stated reasons, as far as I’m concerned it’s cruelty.

And cruelty is the point.


The Guardian are at it again

(This is about Stonewall the activism group, not the riots)

There is a campaign to erase trans people from Pride in the UK right now, downplaying the Cooper Do-nuts riot and the Compton’s Cafeteria riot and trans involvement at Stonewall. The hypocrites who are only about LGB (and in practice not the B, transphobia and biphobia go hand in hand in the gay community) would still be paying bribes to cops if it wasn’t for trans people.



When I first saw this I thought it was the same article as the one I linked to in my last comment. It’s not and its worse.

In a time when it seems like every British trans person who hasn’t just transitioned has their own story of experiencing TER hatred, it does no good to tone police us.

But this is more than that. While tone policing trans people and Stonewall, Sonia Sodha uses the language of TERs to dehumanise us. It’s not just her, it seems to be a common statement from the Labour party that they need more “real” people to join the party. Are they having a problem with sockpuppet memberships? No. What they mean is they want more Christian white cis-het people to join. It is not enough to be working class, or from the North of England, both of which apply to me. Labour is heading down the path of National Socialism, and not for the first time (Never forget that Oswald Mosley and Robert Kilroy-Silk were both Labour MPs). When I say we need to get rid of Keir Starmer, it is not me being bitter about Corbyn, he was only the best option that was offered, nothing more. The future of the party depends on it.

And that’s just the left leaning organisations!

Britain is becoming a legitimately fascist country, and it is not my fault. “You made me hit you” is an old classic line from abusive relationships, and it is always bullshit. Trans people were among the first people to be targeted by the Nazis, our history, our research was the first put into the pyres at the Nazi book burnings. I genuinely fear that it will happen again, and because I do not have a national newspaper to print my words everything I have written here will be for nothing.

That’s why women’s rights to single-sex services, such as refuges and women’s prisons, where two-thirds of women are victims of domestic abuse, are so important: to protect against male violence.

This is such a disgusting and specious argument. I mean, who wouldn’t want to keep women safe from domestic abuse? So hopefully you miss the sleight of hand, where “women” is redefined to exclude trans women, somehow recast as abusers instead of among the most often abused people in society.

That isn’t even adopting the language of TERs, that is straight out being one, and I know they probably won’t but both Sodha and The Guardian ought to be completely ashamed for it. :angry:


That’s basically just a reiteration of transphobic talking points… WTF?


An old comment by Julia Serano, but one which will never stop being valid

  1. When an insistent, persistent, consistent trans child socially transitions (no medical interventions, completely reversible). TERF response: No, you can’t do that! Because 80% desistance!

  2. When a trans child goes on puberty blockers (which are safe & the effects completely reversible). TERF response: No, you can’t do that! Because children need to experience “natural puberty” in order to fully identify with their “biological sex.”

  3. When older trans teenagers finally go on hormones and contemplate surgery. TERF response: No, you can’t do that! Because that’s irreversible. And mutilation!

  4. When a trans adult transitions. TERF response: No, you can’t do that! Because we don’t want any “men” with “penises” in women’s spaces. Plus, you haven’t been socialized as female, so therefore you can never be a woman!

There is only one way to square this circle: TERFs don’t want trans people to exist, in any capacity. Period. That is the only logic at work here. Any concern that they express toward transgender and trans-questioning children is insincere, as their one and only goal is to make us disappear.


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They are just transphobic bigots…


A thread on why British journalism is a steaming pile of shit. Not just transphobia, but racism, ablism and homophobia too


If you look at the pictures of the bigots, they have some awfully nice protest signs that look professionally made. I’m guessing that “moms for liberty” is an astroturfing organization…


The bad news is that TERs are about 1/5-1/6 of the population of Britain.

The good news is that TERs are only about 1/5-1/6 of the population of Britian



I disagree with the ruling, but it is not the victory that TERs think it is.

My “philosophical belief” is that Maya Forstater is an extremist authoritarian, and that while the court ruled that her statement was not a threat to trans people (this is what I disagree with), if they were able to judge her entire philosophy they would have come to the opposite opinion.