Today we are 14

Congrats! I didn’t realize that I’ve been reading for almost the entire life of the site. Boing Boing has certainly made the internet a much more wonderful place.

Thank you.

Congratulations! Been around for quite a while. I tried starting a blog once, and then I realized 90% of my stories/links ended up on BoingBoing (or came from there). I shut down that project, but continued to be a daily reader. Thanks for the quality and the years!

Nostalgia time: When my kids were growing old enough to start surfing the net, I made a call/response-style game whenever someone said BoingBoing, the kids or I would respond DOT-NET! BoingBoing.COM didn’t always redirect, and I didn’t want them blindly going there instead of the nifty site dad was always talking about. :slight_smile:

I hope you like just looking at bananas…

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I first heard about BoingBoing from video" Sales
Guy vs Web Dude" ( mentioned at the 8:24 mark) 10 years ago.

Thanks too all the wonderful staff, editors and writers for the informative/interesting articles.

Bon Anniversaire! Thanks for all the unicorn chasers! Sometimes you need one, even if you haven’t just seen that which cannot be unseen.

Congratulations. I’ve been with you from the beginning and read the zine prior to that. I started weblogging a couple of months before you guys and you tipped a hat to my Follow Me Here early on in your career. But it’s me who must keep tipping to you!

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