TOM THE DANCING BUG: Can You Stand the Sight of… The Republican Vampire?


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I wonder what sort of President Bela Lugosi might have been :wink:


Hazarding a guess, worse than some, better than others. After all, Reagan.


Here in the UK we had Michael Howard and Iain Duncan Smith be leader of the Conservative party for a while. Neither of them got as far as running the country though.


Tor Johnson as Secretary of Defense.


His dad was even from Transylvania.


I could totally get behind that appointment.


Well said.


Vampires suck.


It’s funny because it’s literally true.


Sucks to be a Republican right now…


I’ve been trying really hard to get this out of my head…


Out of your head and back into mine. Dammit!


That’s because your Parliamentary system makes more sense.

It’s built to topple regularly. Ours is built for different concerns.

We have to vet our leaders well… And once they’re in… They’re in. Unless they seriously fuck up something important. Like what aides they sleep with and how.

National policy with far reaching effects? Not really as important here.


“Pull the strings!”


If we really do someday get a vampire in this country, don’t you think that the constant playing of the vampire card by the left, over and over and over again, will make it a little more difficult to point that out?


I thought he never really lived, that he was always dead, that guy.


You beat me this time, but next time someone mentions Bela Lugosi, it will be I who links bauhaus


Oh, but will it?


If Cruz is from Canada, how can he become your beloved Commander in Chief?