TOM THE DANCING BUG: The Power of Congress-Man - Thoughts and Prayers


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Ah, thoughts and prayers. Is there anything they can’t do?*

*other than, you know, anything at all


Not true, they can make you feel better about yourself without any effort.


It’s a nice touch that if the victims are part of a minority Congress-Man won’t mention that or their names.


Wait. . . we elect our congressmen with the intent that they’ll do something about important issues?

Is this a new thing?

I thought they were elected to raise money so they could run for re-election, and the ones who raise the most money win, proving they are the best for the job of raising money for re-election.

Duh. Get a brain morans.


If the thoughts and prayers of self- righteous hypocrites could improve the world, America would be an absolute utopia


I might have posted this on a thread about a previous mass shooting (:cry:), or somebody else might have. But this guy is great: When there is a shooting, and congresscritters start with the “thoughts and prayers,” he retweets them and says how much money they’ve taken from the NRA.


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