🍅 Hate the Chef, love the Condiments 🌭



But how can Heathans Dan tell the difference since corndogs already taste terrible. :laughing:


How to Eat a Sweet Corndog

Step #1: Don’t.


The burger is split in half, to allow the hotdog to be placed in between. The bun is then also filled with lettuce, tomato, pickles, cheese, mustard, tomato sauce and mayonnaise.


Of the things I’d be fine with having in my mouth, parties are right out. Also Hamdogs.


over there in the throw olives at japhroaig thread @daneel posted this image

the thing is, uh, interesting


Let me tell you. The only group that really do live up to the stereotype of being non-tippers are the evangelical Christians. I can’t pay my bills with bible quotes about loving the poor, you dicks.

This is my purpose in life. Give children gifts that will enrage their parents. But with enough wholesome, educational, plausible deniability to make me seem caring. Favorites are cheap ukuleles and science books full of mischievous experiments.

That’s a different sauce! And also delicious on french fries.

Have you tried Pick-a-pepper. Its basically Jamacan A-1 with a bit of spice and a lot of black pepper.

Sounds like wonky Hoagie dressing/spice


Can my kids get on your Xmas shopping list? Those sound awesome. The only thing that drives me nuts are cheap meaningless toys with forty plastic pieces (Lego excluded of course).

Wait, which thread is this? Mayo, anyone who brings mayo into my house must die.


s’weird - 'cause those 2 quotes are mine:


I’ll send them an immersion blender and mayo recipe then.

Discource seems to like doing that to me lately. If I quote more than one reply it’ll refer to the correct text, but carry over the wrong name. I didn’t catch it this time though.

Honestly its an improvement. For a while there it would carry over the wrong text as well. And the only way to make it work was to entrer the full block of code as manually as I could manage. I fix.


ReallyYouDontSay. Wanna compare pestles or mortars? :smiling_imp:


Love that stuff! Mix it with cream cheese and it’s the perfect thing for triscuits.


I bought a bottle once just because I liked the look of the label!

For any one interested, it’s all one word, Pickapeppa Sauce (okay, I guess that’s two), also there’s a few different flavors of it. I’m sure I must have bought the original one. Looking at their website, now I want to try the gingery mango one.




Pythagaras is rolling in his grave, due to this generous fluid dispensing mechanism.



photo of a mustard-related quote at the Canadian Immigration Museum


Happiness is raising a preschooler in the Boohbah era.