Tommy Chong asks Obama to pardon him for his bullshit drug paraphernalia bust


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I agree Chong deserves a pardon, but there must be tens of thousands of people who need and deserve one even more. I hope Obama does them all a solid on his way out.


Another name to add to the list that we can only hope Obama is secretly writing.


This is why it isn’t a WAR on drugs.

If you read in Rolling Stone about members of a band making IEDs and plotting terror attacks, you can bet your ass half the alphabet in government agencies would be all over their ass.

Notorious drug users, those mentioned in interview articles, hell on the local radio station 2 DJs were saying they are CURRENTLY abusing opioids - never have a simple stake out to catch them. If this was a WAR no one would dare utter they did drugs. There wouldn’t be tobacco pipes at my gas station.

It is a GAME of drugs, and WAR on civil liberties.


One side is using weapons of war. It’s just not the recreational drug users.


Absolutely agree. If Chong gets pardoned, plenty of people who are just as deserving will be claiming that celebrity privilege led to his pardon, and they would be correct.



Just think of the field day Trump will have when Obama pardons this FOREIGN IMMIGRANT CONVICT, and sets him lose on our streets.

Especially one so involved in the war on Christmas, what with being on record (literally) as not even knowing who Santa Claus is!


It would be equally true that his position as a high-profile pro-cannabis celebrity led to being charged and his guilty plea.

And the dude took the plea so his wife and son wouldn’t be prosecuted. In my opinion, he deserves the pardon.


The fact we are wasting money and energy for the sale of paraphernalia is absurd.

I don’t agree that any of it should be illegal, but if it is, it should be a fine or possibly community service.


No comment on whether he should be pardoned, and IANAL etc., but this is almost certainly not entrapment.


Trump probably thinks that he is a Latino immigrant and a socialist too.


If I remember correctly, Tommy wasn’t even part of the business. He just let his son use his name and image.


OTOH, don’t we often send big names to jail to make a point (cf. Martha Stewart)?

Isn’t the reverse just as true?

Obama: I’m pardoning Tommy Chong, because you assholes should be spending your time tracking down serious criminals. Also, smoke some of this shit, it’s good for your glaucoma!


Can we finally admit this once and for all. Cheech was the vastly more talented of the Cheech and Chong duo.

The Simon to Chong’s Garfunkel.
Chong was Oates, Cheech was Hall.
Cheech was Moe and Curly to Chong’s Larry…


That’s like arguing about which one of the wheels on your bicycle is more important.


Or you can look at their post C & C career choices.

About the only time I have seen Tommy Chong play something which was not some variation of his old stoner persona was the film Yellowbeard. He played a gold hungry, torture loving island paradise despot.


“I dismantled this bicycle and now I have a kind of shitty unicycle and an extra wheel.”


What is wrong with unicycles?


Yeah, but he plays a cop now on TV, man. Total fucking sell out.