Tomorrow: largest prison strike in US history


The revolution will not be televised.


Thanks to those prisoners whose tireless efforts provided the free labor to my phone company via whose device I am reading about those same prisoners’ helpless abjection before our corporate Babylon.


This is what they teach in prison? Shame! All the American soldiers who die fighting for our Freedom because they don’t have the helmets that prison labor would’ve produced tomorrow are on their consciences!


Considering what they feed prisoners in America, all the prisons have to do is make the meals so small that the choice is between starvation or work for miserable pay. But not right now. Oh, no. First they wait three months so that only the most counter-culturally dedicated (not to mention affluent enough to have the free time) are still digging up the news[1] and then do it quietly under the guise of austerity or something.

Whatever else, this will not be allowed to continue. America is addicted to undervalued labor and it will not, under any circumstances, kick the habit.

[1] One line demonstration: What’s happening in Yemen right now?


No no no it’s only torture when others are doing it! In the USA it’s called “freedomizing”.


This is the US prison system. Decency was gotten rid of long ago.

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Needed some background on this.


I do know that frequently credit card companies use prisons as call centers to process nonsensitive credit card requests (for some values of ‘nonsensitive’; YMMV).


OH! I know this one! We’re backing a Saudi ground war against the Huthis who kicked out the utterly contempible and corrupt Saleh government a few years back. We also regularly drone bomb the hell out of the country side…

Of course, one of my MA advisers was a Ottoman/Islamic world historian, who wrote a book on Yemen and spent a lot of time there on the ground, so I’m probably unusual in paying attention.


Related, there is a new book out about Attica:


Is that like “sodomizing?”


Not when it’s done in the name of Capitalism!


Here’s the list, for those not wishing to click through 5 pages:

Whole Foods
Verizon Wireless
Victoria’s Secret
Fidelity Investments
JC Penney
American Airlines

I bet there are more . . .


Partly organized by anarchists from Atlanta. So proud! Hoping for the best.


Sorry, I have to do this:


Full marks! :slight_smile:

I really shouldn’t have phrased it like that. Evidently some people will know it (the personally involved, the highly competent (e.g. you), and so on). What I ought to have said is “What do the news report on Yemen.”



That’s only funny if you don’t know what anarchism means. OK, it’s a little funny. Wait, what does anarchism mean again?


Anarchy: the bogey-man du jour, used where teerrists don’t fit, to scare the blissfully ignorant into reacting in whatever manner is most convenient for the powers that be. See also: “scapegoat”


I always thought anarchists were just mask-wearing bomb-throwers.