Tomorrow: largest prison strike in US history

That’s only funny if you don’t know what anarchism means. OK, it’s a little funny. Wait, what does anarchism mean again?

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Anarchy: the bogey-man du jour, used where teerrists don’t fit, to scare the blissfully ignorant into reacting in whatever manner is most convenient for the powers that be. See also: “scapegoat”

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I always thought anarchists were just mask-wearing bomb-throwers.

Also, inmates reportedly have been used to replace “made in” tags with “Made in USA” tags.


I mean, I am not real keen on nationalism in general. I don’t think American-made products are any better than Chinese or Malaysian or Honduran or whatever, and I don’t think American lives and well-being are worth more than others’. The only good thing I ever saw about Buying American is that theoretically, the company didn’t outsource manufacturing someplace where they could screw over workers even worse than they do here. But replacing the tags with fraudelent ones, using prison labor? That’s kind of a new low.


It’s illegal to import the product of forced labour into the US. But it’s perfectly legal (and much more common than is generally realised; see the last bit of the QI clip I posted upthread) to sell locally made forced-labour products there.

If you care about worker’s rights, don’t buy American.


You can’t blow up a social relationship - the anarchist case against terrorism


The author was just interviewed on Democracy Now this past week.

Chilling story that every American needs to hear!


Do you have the DM link to the interview?

[ETA] Here we go!

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So…any news on this, yet?


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