Tough guy Brian Kemp thinks it's funny to point a gun at a teen in his Georgia governor campaign video


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Christ, what an asshole.



This fucking dumbshit gives gun owners a bad name. You NEVER treat a firearm like it’s anything but loaded. EVER. What a fucking menace.

This is something most gun owners can get behind.


short cut test for psychopathy is whether they’ll use a gun to make a point


This trope sickens me. A daughter is not a piece of property that a father has to keep the horny teenager at bay with a shotgun.


The irony here is that Kemp neither respects nor trusts his daughters if he feels he has to scare off potential despoilers with a shotgun.

Still, he picked an interesting way to make sure he loses the primary.


Gun culture is something else, isn’t it.

I’m sure there’s plenty of his fans who’ll talk about liberal snowflakes not being able to take a joke, ha ha, everyone knows that pointing a gun at a kid is our kind of humor!




it’s that he knows himself. He just puts responsibility for his own desires on everyone else. Like conservatives do.


Nah, being banned from malls is what keeps horny politicians away from teenage girls. Just ask Ol’ Roy Moore.


While technically he didn’t actually point it at him:

  1. I have a daughter.

  2. I have a gun.

  3. I wouldn’t engage is such dipshittery if someone one wanted to date her, even someone who I didn’t like.

  4. You’re not really helping shatter Georgian stereotypes :confused:



That’s probably the best possible response.


Hopefully, happy mutants like me and @noahdjango and @Heraclito… among others, do that? :wink:



Reminds me of some friends of mine.

The guy showed up to pick up the gal from Prom. Her dad, a Vet of some sort, came to the door with an AR-15. Everyone had a good laugh. Then famously, they took a bunch of pics with her posing alone with the rifle.

They eventually got married. Then divorced. So it goes.

Goodbye, Blue Monday!

ETA: The ex-husband still goes fishing with the former father-in-law, but it’s on the DL.


Another “responsible” gun owner who supports the NRA, I’m sure.

I’ve seen too many clowns like this waving their weapons around to respond with anything but rage (I saw one “tough guy” who earned himself a beatdown by telling two Marines to “lighten up” when they objected to his “joke”).


My first girlfriend’s dad worked for the post office (back when “going postal” was a meme) AND was an active shooter. I think he did steel targets with pistols mainly. But he never pulled any shinangians like that, though. He was pretty nice. He did take me out with her brother once or twice.

I didn’t realize there were three of you!


We’re putting the AT in ATlanta? Or something?


This JUST happened with an ex-NFL kicker and his daughter’s prom date. I’m thinking they wanted the publicity to try to shake things up since Kemp is losing so badly in the polls.