Town begs church and strip club to stop fighting


I am stunned to note that Coshocton is one of Ohio’s Republican counties. How can this be?


The saga continues…

Then, he asked for a guarantee from the office that the "lost souls" from the club would come to Christianity, that all children would be safe from molestation, that no abortions would occur as a result of "irresponsible sex," that no families or marriages would be negatively affected by the Foxhole and that no women would be at risk for exploitation.
*Wow*. Everyone must convert...and yet here I had imagined it was people like him that usually claimed there *were* no atheists in foxholes.

Yeah, this one is not even close for me. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a strip club unilaterally starting to protest a church, or taking any interest in religious matters at all, absent some initial action from that group against the club. @LordInsidious link, and the quote from it that @chenille references makes it clear that the club simply wants to be left alone, and is only protesting in it’s own defense, while the church leader names terms for stopping that are simply ludicrous, and that are clearly not under the control of anyone involved.

There is only one individual who’s in a position to stop things, and he clearly isn’t interested in backing down. And from the sounds of things, he’s getting really close to what a charge like “Disorderly conduct” is SUPPOSED to prohibit (rather than the “disrespect of Cop” charge it seems to be today).

In all, the strip club protests, at least as described, sound like a funny response to a provocation from someone bent on destroying the business of the person targeted. (heh, talk about unintended consequences, protest a strip club, end up with topless strippers outside your sunday gathering hehe)


I wonder if the pastor loses out when parishioners slip a couple bucks to the protestors instead of the collection plate…


You also can’t dismiss the possibility that it was a cunning Indy Ploy to drive up sunday church attendance…

(Edit: Actually, I guess if he really did do this premeditated, it’d be more of a Batman Gambit)


Surely there must be some kind of compromise everyone can live with.


can the strippers come protest at my work??? :smiley:


As a resident of Tennessee I’ve just gotta say I’m shocked to hear of a town of 11,000 with only one church. Maybe it’s only one church that’s “protesting” the existence of a business they don’t like, although that seems even less likely.


Okay, you’re assuming that it was unintended for all of the protesters.

For the record… this story is not about Coshocton, Ohio. The unfortunate situation does occur in Coshocton County, and county law enforcement is headquartered in our city (the county seat) but, please, set the record straight. A beautiful small community, the city of Coshocton has many churches, no strip clubs… and a vast majority of our Christian population that grieve this gross misrepresentation of the kind of love Christ showed in His interactions with people.
Lyrics of a current favorite song by Casting Crowns…“I’m not pointing my finger , I’m holding out my hand…”. That’s what most of us believe… and it’s what we see when we examine the life of the man, Jesus Christ, who saw beyond the surface to the heart and motivations, to what make people tick, and need, and hurt, and love…and do what they do.
I’m not going to expound on how the club and its activities might affect a woman’s self-esteem or the potential effect on a customer’s relationships… or how this particular church’s actions reflect rejection, as opposed to drawing people into a healthy loving relationship with Christ and His followers through some other course of action, i.e., community outreach.
Nobody is “begging” the two entities to stop fighting, but the request has been made by the legal system that it stop, so who’s going to be the better man, so to speak? The rural community where the strip club is located, some miles outside the city of Coshocton, has grown weary of this feud and the negative attention it has garnered (such as your bbs post). The church protesting the club is located in another small village in the county…county residents are weary, and saddened, as well. It does not reflect who we are, or the principles we believe in and celebrate. Coshocton is a compassionate and giving community that very much believes in principles leading to the “whole” person, restored by the love of a Savior and loving, supportive neighbors. There are legalistic people everywhere; there are people everywhere who believe their actions are nobody else’s business…no matter how they may affect others’ lives by those actions.
Respect, integrity and responsible reporting demand getting the full story. Thank you for the opportunity to set the record straight.

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