Trailer: action role-playing classic Fable is back

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As the technology that powers video games becomes more complex, several developers have decided to go back and either remaster or remake classic games.

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Also… Richard Ayoade!

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“Your health is low, watch that!”


Sorry, dog. Doing the right thing is always painful.


Richard Ayoade!

Unfortunately residing in the uncanny valley. But still.

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I dunno… it doesn’t seem like Fable without Peter Molyneux going around making ridiculous promises about all the things the game will do. Intelligent dogs! Having your own kids that then change the story line! NPCs that write detailed songs about what you do! The most satisfying achievement to unlock in a Molyneux game was always finding all the promised features that aren’t there!


I’ll take just about any game, movie, audiobook, etc with Richard Ayoade.


I loved the first two Fable games, especially the second game. The combat was fun, the stories were humorous, and it was one of the first games where you could pet the dog. Great games

The third game, though, I hated with a deep passion. It was horribly buggy, the new mechanics were terrible, the story was terrible, and it mostly did away with combat. It totally killed the franchise after two classic games.

I really hope this reboot can resurrect the series and return it to its former glory.


Even worse, there was no option to mute John Cleese.

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